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Talking about Somali pirates from the "Red Sea Operation": Why can not we equip the merchant ships with guns?

Military 2018-02-22 20:57:35 57

[Avandya Aspen 161] Just after the New Year, the domestic war drama "Red Sea Campaign" became the dark horse at the box office, the Chinese Navy Dragon Commandos Wanli 迢 迢 went to Somalia to save compatriots, people are also proud of passionate. As for the Somali pirates, some people asked me why I can not equip the crew with guns.

Red Sea operations

I believe many people have such questions: In some areas of the world such as the pirates near Somalia, infrequent frequent merchant tanker robbery and ransom is more expensive, and in order to protect the merchant shipping, the navy's fleet of ocean-going escort fleet is more inestimable . In fact, the pirates are very simple equipment, a few guns only a small boat, why not give the crew also equipped with a few guns, this will not be able to effectively reduce the occurrence of robbery it? In fact, it is even more troublesome to equip a crew with a gun than to send a warship to a man for 10,000 miles.

The famous Somali pirates

First of all, the gun is a very sensitive thing. Every time a sailor sails, this is the process: from the territorial sea to the territorial sea of ​​another country - back to the territorial sea of ​​your own country, you bring the gun into the territory of another country. Hundreds of years promised that all countries will have strict control over the entry of firearms because this is not only related to law and order issues, but also to national security and national dignity. Therefore, if you want to bring a gun into other countries, you need extremely complicated procedures, such as accompanying heads of state and military exchanges.

Chinese naval escort fleet

In the second place, it is more dangerous for crew members to bring guns. In the face of pirates, it is actually more dangerous to bring guns. For most of the time, pirates are seeking money. The crew members are then abducted to ransom the company or the country so they will not slaughter them. There is another important reason for this is that the crew members are not armed and will not cause any major casualties to the pirates. However, if the crew guns, wounded or killed the pirates, the danger is that if the success of the pirates' robberies is likely, the murderers will be retaliated .

Wolf 2 team in the war zone before the first gun threw

This is why many foreign security companies do not bring guns. Actually, there are only a few security companies equipped with well-equipped security companies such as the Special Forces in the film. A considerable part of the security personnel are guns and their main task is to help clients avoid injuries such as avoiding dangerous areas , And armed negotiations, etc., you do not have a gun can have a say Well, once the gun sometimes small things can change a big deal (wolf 2 in Wu Jing led the convoy to the war zone before throwing the gun is This truth).

In addition, like those Middle East oil producing countries, there are hundreds of tanker vessels entering Hong Kong every day. Allowing guns to be checked one by one is too effective. The most troublesome thing is legislation. If we want to allow a gun, we must have the law to allow it. This is returning to the aforementioned national security and national dignity. Therefore, guns are the root cause of troubles, make things simpler, or escort warships It!