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The children learn the grammar with these 7 sets of interesting materials, the new semester English score by at least 30 points

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As children gradually become interested, loved and even used English in life under the influence of long-term English enlightenment, parents will find that their children's English level is growing rapidly, but their English level is growing rapidly. New problems will surface - The child's grammar is a bottleneck, which will affect his future English grades. </ strong>

So when do you know your child's best grammar?

is 11-12 years old. </ strong>

Experts suggest that children aged 11-12 should be able to understand the grammar of their children. At this time, the children can understand it. It is not advisable to learn the grammar in a dominant way before the upper primary, that is, before the fifth grade. Children's logical thinking skills are relevant.

Because there is no explicit combing of grammar in front of the elementary school due to the growth of children's thinking, it is recommended to learn the grammar implicitly in context in the lower and middle schools. </ strong>

As soon as this period will have parents often ask how to help children learn grammar? Most people seem to learn grammar is boring, lack of fun. In this case want to let the child learn grammar, must pay attention to some method skill. </ strong>

In fact, the best way is to select the textbooks, and then with some interesting games, so that children master most of the grammar in English at primary school is not difficult. However, a wide range of grammar teaching materials in front, which is most suitable for children? </ strong>

Today we recommend 7 sets of original grammar teaching materials used by foreign schools to cover the entire grammar learning stage from fun enlightenment to systematic learning!

This resource is not only for English-speaking children, but also for grammar that fits well with adults who have already learned English. </ strong>

1.Picture Grammar for Children

Who to use: 3-8 years old </ strong>

This Set of Children's Drawing Grammar is a set of grammatical readings designed for non-native English speakers by MacMillan, a world-renowned international educational publisher. </ Strong>

The most important feature of this book is: Content is interesting, but also a certain amount of practice, gold with. </ strong>

(table of Contents)

In addition, from the content editing point of view, the framework of each lesson content is:

A thesaurus picture dictionary + simple grammar introduction + simple practice picture book </ strong>, more in line with the Chinese children's learning habits, suitable for teaching grammar materials.

2. Funny English Grammar by Brain P. Cleary </ strong>

Who to use: 3-8 years old </ strong>

Brain P. Cleary's Funny Grammar This series of maximal styles is: Pictorializing boring grammar knowledge, reading the key elements of a grammar point in a language style that looks like solo comic dialogue The language is very fluid and rhythmic. Use comics to teach children grammar, children naturally less objectionable. </ strong>

The entire book explains the word categories, part of speech, such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives and so on. </ strong> These grammatical concepts are boring and difficult to understand, but they are the most basic knowledge of a language. Understanding part of speech is of great help to language beginners in building the overall framework of language.

3. Active Grammar

Target: 7-10 years old </ strong>

This grammar textbook, teaches from a base of zero, </ strong> a knowledge point is taught immediately after practice; the whole book is designed like a novel, which has a variety of plots, with These episodes to string grammatical knowledge points, story and readability are very strong, very suitable for primary school children to learn the primary grammar.

(table of Contents)

There are a number of grading exercises in the book </ strong>, encouraging students to learn grammar knowledge with creative ideas. Grammar can do teaching materials, but also very suitable for self-study oh.

4. Smart Grammar and Vocabulary

Who: 9-15 years old </ strong>

Smart Grammar and Vocabulary is a truly systematic set of grammar materials </ strong>, which is also a book that American children will use after they enroll in school. Its authority is self-evident. For Chinese children, suitable for intensive learning after basic concepts and basic understanding of English grammar, it is suggested to use it after middle and high school in elementary school.

(table of Contents)

Smart Grammar and Vocabulary This book has 2 outstanding features as follows:

1. Each grammar knowledge point actually contains a topic </ strong>, which makes it easy for children to accumulate topics related to vocabulary and to repeat the training of a grammatical knowledge point.

2. Grammar Points Spiral Repeat </ strong>:

The second volume has more than half of the content is to consolidate and expand the first grammar learning point, the rest is the introduction of the new grammar point;

Most of the third volume is to repeat the first and second volumes of what is learned, and then is the newly added knowledge point, and so on.

Although the knowledge points are repeated, but the depth of the content is indeed gradually increased, this arrangement, is conducive to lay a solid foundation for grammar knowledge.

5. Oxford Grammar Friends

Target: 7-15 years old </ strong>

There are 6 volumes of this book, published by Oxford University. The biggest feature of this book is the content is more active, the grammar point into the seemingly ordinary content, not the kind of boring grammar teaching material. </ strong>

And with Fine Grading Practices </ strong> make grammar knowledge easier to understand and remember. This book also can do grammar teaching materials.

6. Grammar Time/New Grammar Time

Who: 8-18 years old </ strong>

Grammar Time and New Grammar Time are even more , not only in the fun of the screen, but also in the number of exercises.

40% of the book is a knowledge point, 60% is a knowledge point exercise </ strong>, but each point of knowledge or interesting short story, so it is still some interesting.

The most notable feature of this book is that the difficulty of knowledge points is further enhanced by spiraling. </ Strong> The knowledge of the later books and many of the previous ones are duplicates, but obviously the back is richer , The difficulty is also much larger.

Grammar Time and New Grammar Time difference is not, but fine-tuning the order of presentation of some knowledge points. But New Grammar Time is a little better with the affinity of the screen. </ strong>

7. Just Enough English Grammar

Who: 15 + </ strong>

This is a good grammar textbook for older kids and adults </ strong>, but it's not boring grammar textbooks.

The whole book is composed of stories, and the more interesting , which mainly talks about some common Chinese part-of-speech parts </ strong>, expands each part of speech to a certain extent. At the same time grammar knowledge point to explain more depth, it is not suitable for children to learn the law from the ground up. </ strong>

Today recommended to the parents of 7 sets of foreign children are using grammatical dictionaries, friends, friends learn grammar is the best tool for children to sort out the grammar framework, grammar understanding of the real charm depends entirely on them!

Dear parents how to make their children learn English grammar and what coup? Welcome comments in the comments area below the article exchange ~!