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Dry goods | 80 ancient poems image allusions, understand the vicissitudes of China!

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Chinese history goes back to ancient times.

Ancient culture of common sense from the type of test, 80 literary allusions, 80 poetry images, they read half a literary history, read the vicissitudes of China!

1, </ strong> Bamboo: </ strong>

Xiang Fei bamboo. After the death of Shun, Shun's concubine E Huang and the British woman cried on the water of Hunan, tears were sprinkled on the bamboo, and the bamboo poles were streaked.

Tang Yuxi "Tai Niang Song": "How to tear the thousands of lines, but also sprinkle Xiangjiang Bamboo branches."


Legend has only one eye, 一 a wing, so we must be able to fly together two birds, compared to husband and wife.

Tang Bai Juyi "Everlasting Regret": "In the days of willingness to be the lovebirds, in the land willing to even branch."

3, even branches: </ strong>

Even two branches born together, such as loving couples.

Tang Bai Juyi "Everlasting Regret": "In the days of willingness to be the lovebirds, in the land willing to even branch."

4, Blood: </ strong>

Often used in conjunction with "Danxin", praising the sacrifice of loyalty to the country.

Yuan Zheng Yuanyou "Zhang Yu Shi Jie section song": "Solitary loyalty is both Mindanao, three years to be sure blood."

5, Great Wall: </ strong>

Southern Song Dynasty commander Tan Dao Chi claimed to be "the Great Wall." After this hero can be said to resist enemy invasion.

Song Lu You book indignation: "plug in the Great Wall empty promise, the mirror has been the first depression."

6, Cai Wei: </ strong>

In the late years of Yin Dynasty, King Wu of Zhou dynasty, Bo Yi, the son of Gu Zhunuo, took the view of stopping the horse by disregarding the rule of Chen Jun. After Yin, the two do not eat Zhou Su, seclusion in the first Yangshan, picking Wei and food, eventually starved to death. After this as a metaphor for seclusion.

Tang Wang Ji, "wild hope": "Careless without knowing each other, long song Huai Cai Wei."

7, Pavilion: </ strong>

Ancient Inn on the road about every ten years to set up a pavilion, five in a short kiosk, for visitors to rest farewell. After the "pavilion" became the farewell place of the name.

Song Liu Yong, "Rain Lin Ling": "Chill bitter cut on the pavilion late, showers early break."


Language out of the ancient Yue Fu "Great Wall of the drink horse line": "From afar, passengers left me double carp. Hu Tong Tong carp, there are Scales." After the epigraph on behalf of the letter.

Song and Qin Dynasties "Step Shaxha": "Send post plum, fish size, built this hate no heavy number."

9, climb: </ strong>

Chongyang have ascending customs.

Tang Wang Wei, "September 9, remember Shandong brothers": "Ascended the brothers ascend the sky, less than one cornelian cents."

10, Dongshan high lying: </ strong>

Eastern Jin Xie resign Dongshan. Later refers to seclusion.

Tang Li Bai, "Liang Park Yin": "When the Higashiyama high up, at the expense of common people should be late."

11, Dukang: </ strong>

Legend has it that Dunkin invented wine. After this as a representative of wine.

Cao Wei Cao of the Three Kingdoms "short song line": "why worry, only Dukang."

12, Tung Lei: </ strong>

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty Tao Yuanming "Picking Ju Dong, leisurely see Nanshan." After the more "Tung Lei" performance after the retirement of the pastoral life or elegant elegance.

Song Li Qingzhao "drunk Yin": "Tilley wine after dusk, there is subtle fragrance sleeve."

13, Cold Food: </ strong>

Festival name, one or two days before Ching Ming Festival.

Legend Jin Jin meson implicit home, Jin Wen Gongshan common law forced him out of the official, meson can not push was burned to death. Jin Wen Gong to commemorate the meson push, prohibit the fire in the day of its death, eat cold food. This section comes from this.

Tang Han 翃 "Cold Food": "Spring City fly everywhere, cold food Dongfeng Yu Liu oblique."

14, History: </ strong>

Ancient words are written on the bamboo slips, first with bamboo fire, so that it is dry, called "kill"; bamboo breeze due to bake when sweat, it is also known as "history." After that manuscripts, history books.

Song days like "over zero Ding Yang": "Who has never died in life, leaving Dan heart according to history."

15, red beans: </ strong>

A plant in the South, also known as "Acacia." Ancients used to symbolize love or Acacia.

Tang Wang Wei, "Acacia": "Red beans born in Southland, spring hair several branches; willing to Jun more picks, the most Acacia."

Tang Wen Tingyun "new voice of Willow Branch" Second: "Delicate dice An red beans, into the Acacia know?

16, Thrush: </ strong>

Zhang Han Zhang Xi husband love, once for his wife thrush. To describe the couple after falling in love.

Tang Zhu Qing Yu "Nearly on the Department of Zhang Shui": "makeup low strike to ask her husband, when the depth of the thrush without?"


Legend has three legs in the sun. After the "golden wu" as the sun's behalf.

Tang Han Yu, "Li Hua donated Zhang Eleven Department": "The beginning of the golden Wuhai seabed, Zhu Hui scattered Qingxia open."

18, Live Song: </ strong> Singing song at Laoting Kiosk. Lao Laoting ruins in Nanjing, is the ancient famous farewell.

Tang Xu muddy "Xie Ting farewell": "Song of the song of a solitary song, red leaves green mountains rapids.

19, Loulan </ strong>

King Loulan greedy, killed several times to the Western Han Dynasty ambassador, after Fu Mizuko to the West, counting cut Loulan Wang. Therefore, "Loulan" often refers to the frontier of the enemy.

Tang Wang Changling "from the military": "Qinghai dark clouds snowy mountains, isolated Yucheng Guan Yu door.

Tang Li Bai "Cypriot song": "willing to waist sword, straight to cut Loulan."

20, dream butterfly: </ strong>

Also known as "butterfly". When the Warring States Zhuangzi once dreamed of himself into a butterfly. Metaphor after the dream, fantasy. Descendants are used to refer to deceptive dreams and changeable things.

Tang Li Shangyin "Untitled": "Zhuang Sheng Xiao dream fans butterfly, Wang Dili spring care cuckoo."

Song Lu You, "Leisure Tour" of the three: "sleepy butterflies percussion, obsession Su word wall crow habitat."

21, Bluebird: </ strong>

Legend has it that Emperor Wudi ritualed at the Yonghua Hall on July 7, when a blue-eyed bird suddenly flew from the West. Oriental Fangsuo said this was because the Queen Mother was coming. After this as messenger messenger.

Sui Xue Dao Heng "Yu Zhang line": "I wish the king mother and three bluebirds, flew to pass the news."

Tang Li Shangyin "Untitled": "There is no way to go there in Pudong, Jade Bird hospitality to explore."


At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang's privilege and governor Chiang Kai-shek resigned as a seclusionist. After that on behalf of the hermit's place of residence.

Eastern Potential Tao Qian "homecoming": "three path to waste, still exist Chrysanthemum."

Tang Baijuyi "For the first time there is a gift with Yuan Ba": "The moon is good with three trails, Green will make two spring."


Legend has it that the sun landed in the shaddock, according to the sun shadow on the mulberry tree. As compared with sunset, after metaphor of people's old age.

Tang Liu Yuxi "Pay music day Wing old show": "Mo Sang Yu night, for Xia Shangtian sky."

Tang Wang Bo "Teng Wang Ge order:" East elm has lost, Sang Yu non-late. "

24, Sirius: </ strong>

Sirius, the star name. The ancients thought that the main invasion. After the "Sirius" metaphor against invasion of aliens.

Song Su "Jiangchengzi • Mississauga Hunting": "Will bow carved such as full moon, northwest hope, shooting Sirius."


The ancients send letters, the letter formed into a double carp shape. Ancient Yuefu "Great Wall of Drinking Horse Line": "Guests from afar, leaving me double carp." So compared it to a letter.

Tang Li Shangyin, "send fox Lang": "Song Yun Qin tree for a long time, a pair of carp 迢 迢 a paper." "Pisces" synonymous.

Tang Li Bai, "Hanyuxue recorded affair": "Hankou Pisces white Kam scales, so that the S & P reported Lover."


Language out of the "Book of Songs · Millet from", the Eastern Zhou Dynasty doctor passing the ancient capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, see the land of millet, then Palace of the Temple of the destruction of the sigh. After that, they expressed their regret over the recent decline of the country.

Tang Xu muddy "Deng Luoyang Gucheng": "Wo millet from the half-wormwood, Xi Rencheng know this?"


Language out of the Tang Du Mu "Park Qinhuai": "Business woman I do not know the country is very submissive, but also singing backyard flowers." Business woman is the song girl. After this as an ignorance of the rise and fall of the country and dreams of death allusions.

Song Wang Anshi "Gui Gui Hong": "So far, women, always singing, the backyard song."


Eastern Han class ultra young, in order to copy government documents for a living. He had pen sigh, to follow the example of Fu Kai-mei, Zhang Qian different domain, get the knighthood Hou. After referring to abandoned text from the military.

Tang Luo Bin Wang "stay Wencheng Wang military camp": "Pen pen pregnant class, Lin Rong Gu Xun.

Song Xin Qiji "Hydrophyte": "Mo class super pen, vertical seal Hou million, gaunt old state."


Yang Guan, ancient Guan Ming, now Gansu Dunhuang southwest.

Tang Wang Wei, "send Yuan Er Shi Anxi": "Advise you to make a cup of wine, west of the Yang Guan no reason." After the score into a farewell song, the name "Yang Guan Qu."

Tang Li Shangyin, "drink seats with friends play seats": "Singing Yang unlimited bound stack, half a cup of pine leaves Polai."


Han Dynasty capital customs, wherever you go, must be sent to the east of Changbai Pa Bridge, and fold willow branches gifts. After that farewell.

Tang Li Bai, "Spring Night Los Angeles flute": "This nocturnal Wenliu, who can not afford the garden situation."

31, Waist: </ strong>

Tao Yuanming reluctant to bow to the village because of the five-meter rice, then resigned as official implicit, after metaphor refers to the performance of things.

Tang Li Bai, "Yin Tian Mu sleepwalking do to stay": "Ann can destroy the eyebrow authority, so I can not open Yan?

32, grief: </ strong>

Metaphor sad pain, displaced people.

Qing Gong Zizhen "Yi Hai miscellaneous poem": "Three more suddenly neglected Zhen Zhen Hong, September Huai Shui Mae."


Also known as Pakistan sings, Pakistan 讴, Pakistani people's song. By means of vulgar work, more modest words.

Tang Li Qunyu "Pan Pu from the Pan Jiangdong out of Pakistan Qiu cast members from the public Yu": "Barong cover snow, Bao Lan Lanfang buried."

Yuan Xie Yingfang, "Shuidiaogetouzai and reward Yuan Ziying Xiao Temple": "Thank you for sending double carp, snowy spring number, for me and Barn." More and "Spring Snow" cf write to express their insignificant

34, white dog: </ strong>

Also known as white cloud dog, metaphor of the world of fickleness. From Du Fu's poem "Alas": "Clouds like white clouds, Sri Lanka must change such as Cang dogs.

Throughout the ages, life has everything. Personnel changes like a cloud, while as a white cloud, while like a dog.


Also say "Qin offer". There is a story in Liezi Young Zhu that there was an individual bragging about how celery was delicious before the tyrant in the village. After the tycoon tasted it, he was "stung by the mouth and miserable."

Later, with "Xian Qin" Qian Qian gift gifts, or proposed shallow.


Legend has it that the ancient tail of the same woman met under the bridge. He waited for a long time, but did not see the arrival of a woman. At this moment, the river surged and flooded the bridge. In order to stick to the letter, he refused to leave and cling to the bridge and drowned himself in the water.

Tang Li Bai, "long line": "permanent deposit letter, it Qi Fu Taiwan."

37, Bing Xin (ice snow): </ strong>

① to crystal clear metaphor of faith loyalty, noble character. Such as: "Luoyang friends and relatives, such as phase asked, a heart of ice in the jade pot." (Wang Changling "Plum Rongxian Xi Xin gradually")

② noble clean heart, the ancients used "clear jade jade ice" analogy of a person's upright heart. Another example: "should read Linghai years, solitary light, liver and lungs are snow."

One year Lingnan career career, his personality is as crystal clear as ice and snow.

38, vegetation: </ strong>

To lined with vegetation prosperous, to express the feelings of prosperity and decline of death.

Song Jiang 夔 "Yangzhou slow": "Spring ten miles, make buckwheat green." Spring breeze, very bustling Yangzhou Road, now covered with green water chestnuts wheat, a desolate. "Old Court wasteland willow new, Ling song clear victorious spring." Wu's old park on the wasteland of the willow and grow new branches, the thought of the year here Shengge Manju, then Shengjing than the beautiful spring. Here is the lushness of willows set off.

Du Fu "Shu phase": "Euptelatile grass since the spring color, every leaf yellow empty good." Yin Xian generation and its performance have disappeared, and now only the grass green trees, green spring year after year, oriole issued in vain Wonderful cry, the poet lamented the past blank, table sorry.

Tang Yuxi "Wuyi Alley": "Suzaku bridge edge of the grass flowers, Wuyi alley sunset oblique." Suzaku bridge past the past prosperity has vanished, has been covered with weeds wildflowers Wuyi Alley has lost the magnificent old, The sunset reflects the desolate deserted alley

39, Chan Juan: </ strong>

Originally refers to a good posture, used to describe the woman. Due to the beauty of people often Yu Yu, it is also called the moon as Chan Juan.

Su Shi, "Prelude to Water": "I hope people long, thousands of miles together Chan Juan."

40, Liu Ying: </ strong>

Refers to the barracks, "Historical Records" records, Han emperor, Han Jun Zhaoba Pa, thorns, fine willow for the Huns, Hosui will be Zhou Yafu. Zhou Yafu fine Willow Camp strict discipline, military tidy, even Emperor Wen and entourage Zhou Yafu also have permission before entering. After the generation also said that the discipline of the barracks.

Tang Baolu "gift Li dark general": "fine willow camp stone grave, safe Wolverine high."


Language out of the ancient Yuefu "Great Wall of the drink line": "Guest from afar, leaving me double carp .Chu Tong cooking carp, in a foot call." After the letter said on behalf of.

Song and Qin Dynasties "Step Shaxha": "Send post plum, fish size, built this hate no heavy number."


In the Han Dynasty Yang Xiong "Fa Yan": "The boy sculptured woodcut heroic not." Later analogy insignificant technology, mostly refers to literary skills.

Tang Li He's "South Park": "Search for the chapter pick the old carved insects, Aria when the curtain hung Yu bow.

43, cardamom: </ strong>

Cardamom is a perennial herb. Later said the age of 13-year-old woman for the cardamom age.

Tandoori animal husbandry, "donation": "娉 娉 curl more than thirteen, nutmeg in early February."

44, coaching: </ strong>

Originally refers to the "Book of Songs" "Guofeng" and "Songs of Chu" "Li Sao", after the general refers to the outstanding literary works or refers to the literary talent.

Such as Mao Zedong "Patio Spring": "Qin Han Han Wu, slightly lose Wenzai; Tang Zong Song Zu, less coquettish."

45, Ancient music: </ strong>

① Guan Shanyue - Yuefu tune, write more to leave the case of the separation of the situation.

Such as Wang Changling "from the military seven": "Pipa dance for the new sound, always off the old farewell."

Plum falling - tune name.

Li Bai "and the history of Lang in the Yellow Crane upstairs piper": "Yellow Crane Tower, playing the flute, Jiangcheng May" plum blossom. "

From the flute of "plum plum blossom", we can imagine the scene of plum blossom falling from sky, and the feeling of aura of plum blossoming, which is coinciding with the mood of the poet at the time. In this way, the poet remembers the plum blossom by the sound of a flute, appeals to the visual sense through the sense of hearing, and depict the cold-feeling in an apathetic way.

③ Seduction plumage - Legend has it that the changes of the Tang Xuanzong music and dance, the main performance of peace and prosperity of the scene.

Tang Bai Juyi "Everlasting Regret": "Yu Yang 颦 drum up, breaking the sky clothes plumage."

④ backyard flowers - that is, Yushu backyard flowers, according to legend is made after the main song of the Southern Dynasties, as the extravagant tone.

Don Du Mu animal "Park Qinhuai": "Business women do not know dead country hate, bayou still singing backyard flowers."

⑤ Willow song - Yuefu tune "willow branches", sometimes as "folding willow", the main write military life, from beams, Chen to the Tang Dynasty, mostly as a word of sadness, in order to miss the levy-based.

Tang King of the 涣 "Liangzhou words": "Why should complacent willow bamboo flute, the breeze is not Yumen Pass."

Tang Li Bai "Cypriot song": "flute Wenliu Liu, spring never looked."

⑥ road difficult - ancient music, multi-language world hardship and parting sad feelings.

Tang Li Yi "North Army is positive": "Tianshan snow after the sea residual, all over the flute blowing" difficult road. "

⑦ mountain water - also as "flowing mountain." According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period, Yu Boya good at playing the piano, bell period is good at listening to the piano. Whenever Booth bounce about the mountains, the melody of the water, the bell period felt his piano sounds like towering mountains, mighty rivers. After the bell period died, Bo teeth sighed ignorant sound perception of the wonderful.

Ming Tang Yin "World Love Song": "endless breeze with the moon, mountain flow conditions." Xin Qiji "Ye Golden Gate": "flowing mountain strings cut off, anger frog Yanzuo."

46, Autumn Leaves: </ strong>

On behalf of telling things. Zhu Shuzhen "hate spring": "Pikun letter off but dream, red leaves into poetry think of autumn." It is said that the Chinese people Luowo picked up from the ditch outside the palace to write a red leaves complaining poetry, after the collection. Xuanzong Fang Gongnv married, Louvre election towels palace, happened to be the person who poem in the leaves. By means refers to poetry.

Yuan clever "Erlang God Qiuhuai": "Ruthless leaves tend to the ditch, the spouse of the poem clearly Yong, hate for the King of the scene."

47, 鹄 鹄: </ strong>

"Historical Records Chenshe family" contains, peasant uprising army leader Chen Sheng Qin little ambition, after the uprising Daze Township. Later on the "grateful" metaphor ambitious.

Song Wu Qian "eight sound Ganzhou": "Correctional first glance, far fly."


"Zhuangzi foreign objects": "The human beings do not want the loyalty of their minister, and loyalty may not believe, so the members of the flow in the river, Hong died in Shu, possession of its blood for three years and turned into jasper. North Korea's virtuous minister, no Xin was convicted and exiled Shu. After he committed suicide in Shu, locals hid his blood with a jade box, and three years later blood turned into jasper. Later, they also used the "blood" and "Hong Hong Bi" metaphor just just Chiang Kai-shek's just cause for justice and injustice inflicted death or loyalty.

Such as "Dou E injustice": "This is not my Dou E made such a vow, this is not a verdict of grievances ... ... This is what we 苌 Honghua Bi, Emperor emperor impetus." Zhu Dunru "Magnolia slow": " Bihai west head, sword asked who received.

Gu Yanwu "Zhu Zhuji Ji Siuxu": "worry to see Beijing mouth three army collapse, pain Yangzhou on the 7th week .Blood of blood without this war barrier, meet the old conquests.

Qiu Jin "on the wine": "spared no money to buy a knife, marten Qiu for wine also worthy.


Refers to filial piety. Code out of the "Three Kingdoms Wu Zhi Lu Chuan": "performance year-old, see Yuan Shu in Jiujiang, surgery out of orange, performance of three, to, fell on the ground. 'Kneeling replied:' want to go to the mother. '

Tang Zhang 祜 "to send Wei Shangshu to Zhen Zhou" Poetry: "Wu Shizhong is the festival, Taku Hirai heart."

Song Fan Chengda "Professor James Road to send ancestral temple": "dismount Wyatt worship, the body is in the white clouds."


In ancient times, Hepu built pearl, but local officials are greedy, pearl are automatically moved to somewhere else. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Meng taste came here as a prefect, abolished the abuses of corruption, and the pearl returned to Hepu. Therefore, "still beads" Yu officials for the government clean.

Don Du Mu animal husbandry, "Spring Day, said Dan Chang paternity rhyme ten rhyme": "Today still beads Shou,


Refers to filial piety. Allusions from the "Three Kingdoms" "Lang Lang do guests and pregnant with orange?"

Song Fan Chengda "Professor James Road to send ancestral temple": "dismount Wyatt worship, the body is in the white clouds."

52, Chicken millet: </ strong>

"Analects of Confucius" records, the road with Confucius travel time falls, met a working elderly, they asked him about, because of the sub-way attitude is very respectful, the elderly stay on the road accommodation, but also kill chickens Millet favor him. Later, the use of "chicken millet" specifically refers to guests' meals.

Tang Meng Hao Ran "over the enemy village": "Therefore, people with chicken millet, invited me to the Tian family."

53, Kunshan Jade: </ strong>

Metaphor of outstanding talent.

Tang Liu Yuxi "to send Li Chuzhou": "Yi Kunshan early Kunshan jade, hand in hand with Yangzhou."

54, Pear: </ strong>

Liyuan was originally a fruit garden in the imperial court. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong in the first year of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong, he used it as a place for song and dance and cultivated a large number of outstanding talents in music and dance performances here. This has had a profound impact in history. Later generations of opera classes often use "pear garden" as its generation, opera artists called "pear disciples."


The ancestral farewell have the habit of folding Liu, and later on with "Willow Shore" refers to other places.

Song Liu Yong, "Rain Lin Ling": "Tonight where to wake up? Willow shore, Xiaofeng moon."

56, Nampo: </ strong>

Refers to the waterside farewell. Qu Yuan "Nine Songs · Bo": "The son of the eastbound Xi, send beauty Nanpu." "Nanpu" Guide to the waterfront, the ancients often do not send relatives and friends in Nampu, and later commonly used to send refers to other places.

Song Fan Chengda "Wang Tong": "Nanpu Chunlaichuchuanchuan, Zhuqiao two stone still."


Refers to the prisoner. Such as Luo Bin Wang "Wing Priest in Prison": "cicada sound west, South Coroner deep."

Tang Li Bai "Yelang not heard": "North Que saint too Kang, South crown gentleman channeling ya."

58, childhood sweetheart: </ strong>

Li Bai from the "long line": "Lang riding bamboo horse, around the bed to get plum. Cohabitation long distance, two no suspicions." Men and women to describe childhood innocence, but also refers to the young when acquaintance partner.


Legend has it that the Ming Dynasty San Gui Ming Ruan Ji, for the blue-white eyes, the eyes of the hate, eyes up or to the side, said contempt or hatred; for those who love or respect, he looked squarely, dark eyes in the middle, Respect. He saw Ji Kang brother Gao Xi, treated with white eyes, see Ji Kang on the use of blue eyes, after the "blue eyes" refers to people who love or weight.

Tandoori Fu "short song line" "Zhong Xuan Lou first spring deep, green eyes high praise look Wu Zi."

60, Meet: </ strong>

Han Wudi sent the young near minister to the South Vietnam to persuade the South Vietnam Dynasty. The final army said: "Please give a long tassel, I will capture the king of Vietnam." After the metaphor of the enemy to serve the country.

SONG Yue-fei, "Man Jiang Hong, looking to the Central Plains": "Sigh the country as before, thousands of villages and Liao.What day Ying Ying Rui brigade, a whip straight Qinghe Luo."


Spring and Autumn Period, the Qin and Jin marriage, because the marriage of two surnames as "Qin Jin's good." "The Romance of the West," the second of the first fold: "down the loss of the door, willing to marry heroes, into Qin Jin."

62, Katherine: </ strong>

Metaphor marital harmony, "The Book of Songs," "Fair Lady, Qin Se Friends." Also compared to the friendship of brothers and sisters, Chen Ziang "Spring Night Do not Friend Poems": "Do not think of Sinchan, do not bypass the mountains and rivers."

63, Asking: </ strong>

Spring and Autumn Period, Chu Zhuang Wang Northern Expedition, Chen Bing Luo water, show off to the Zhou Dynasty military force. Zhou Dingzhi Wang Wang Sun satisfied Manchu division, Chu Zhuang Wang Wang Sun Man to ask about the treasures of the Chou Dynasty of the Jiuding size and severity. Subsequent meaning "aspirations" metaphor usurpation regime, today's analogy sought to win.

64, Wulium: </ strong>

Tao Yuanming "Mr. Wu Liu Biography:" There are five willow house edge, because of what it means. "Later, Wu Liu became the hermit's behalf.


Refers to the sword, sword. Xin Qiji "Shuiyin Deng Jiankang Pavilion": "I saw Wu Hook, railing pat, no one will visit the Italian intention." By looking at Wu hooked, railing, expressed his desire to work for the motherland, build a foundation, and And no one to understand the poetic feelings.


In the poems commonly used "Xie family" as an allusion, the meaning is not the same.

① Xie Xie, Xie Xuan family things, means people demeanor. "Shi Shuo Xin Yu · Speech", Xie An asked his nephew: Why do people always want their children good? Nephew Xie Xuan replied: "For example, Chi Lan Yushu, want to make it born in the terraced ears." This is to say, Xie children pay attention to demeanor, and its dignified and elegant costumes, such as Zhi Lan Yu Shu general. Therefore, it refers to people with demeanor.

Song Xin Qiji "Patio spring stackup West Chi Chi": "Like Xiejia children, candid and candid phase as the court, car ride grace."

② refers to landscape poet Xie Ling Yun thing. "Song book of Xie Ling Yun" contains: spiritual movement in the Jishan "Xiuying do not industry, mountain and river, make the beauty of seclusion." After using this thing refers to the beautiful home.


Yang Guan, ancient Guan Ming, now Gansu Dunhuang southwest.

Tang Wang Wei, "send Yuan two to An Liang": "Advise you to make a more glass of wine, west of the Yang Guan no reason." After the spectrum into the farewell song, "Yang Guanqu."

Tang Li Shangyin, "drink seats with friends play seats": "Singing Yang unlimited bound stack, half a cup of pine leaves Polai."


Ancient princes entered into a covenant, to taste a sacrifice for each person, the people of the League personally cut the bovine blood, so the "executive cattle ears" refers to the Lord. "Zuo Zhuan" records: "Vassal League, who govern the ears?" After often refers to a leading position in one area.

69, North Star: </ strong>

Originally referred to Polaris. "Er Ya" said: "North Pole that the North Star." Later used to refer to the monarch or respected people, also refers to the empire, such as Wang Bo, "Prince Teng Ge order:" the terrain and the South deep, Tianzhu high North Star far."

70, Percussion: </ strong>

Refers to the hometown flavor, the Code of "Xu Shu Zhang Han Chuan": "John from the autumn wind, but grace Wu Chungcheong cuisine, soup, sea bass, said 'life is too suitable for children Seoul, Driving will return. "

Later people will miss their hometown, abandon their official possessions and become a bass. Zhang Han word quarter eagles, so Xin Qiji "Shuiyin Deng Ken Kang Pavilion" cloud; "Hugh said perch fish, do west wind, quarter eagles go?"

Entrance language information

71, resignation: </ strong>

Code name, Code of the "Historical Records" Volume 111 . Huo Qui resigned the king's gift house.

The performance of the Huo disease "Xiongnu is not extinguished, why is home," the celebrity demeanor and patriotic thinking of the country. Later, he used the phrase of "Ci Ci" to describe the patriotic spirit of forgetting his home country.

Tandoori Fu "Feng Yanzheng Cheng Xicheng night view of the ten rhyme": "the first words of the losers high justice, the concept of the ancients."

72, chicken mouth: </ strong>

"Warring States Policy": "rather the chicken mouth, no good for the cattle." Analogy would rather be the mastermind of a small local situation, do not want to be dominated by a large local situation.

73, Friends of the winter cold: </ strong>

Refers to loose, bamboo, plum. Pine, bamboo winter does not withered, plum cold flowers, it is "cold winter three friends," said.

74. Autumn: </ strong>

Metaphor refers to the eyes, described as an urgent hope. "The Romance of the West," the third of the second fold: "Looking through his Yingyingqiushui, 蹙 loss of his touch Spring Hill." Spring Hill, refers to eyebrows.

75, three feet: </ strong>

① refers to the law on behalf of the law, the ancient law to write the three-foot long bamboo slips, so called "three feet method."

② refers to the sword, sword about three feet, it is used to refer to the sword. "Han": "I put commoner to mention three feet, take the world."

76, artifact: </ strong>

Refers to the throne, the regime. "Lao Tzu": "For the sake of the world, I see its last resort, the world artifact, can not be too."


Language out of the "Book of Songs Zheng Zi Zi": "young son, long my heart." Mao Chuan: "Barley, green collar also, the students of the service." So use it to refer to scholar.

Tandoori "foldable bar": "Barley stubborn muddy mud, white horse Jolentun." Can also be used as the Magi's behalf.


Spring and Autumn Period doctor Vietnamese alchemy Fan alias. According to legend, he helped the main Gou Jian Wu, leave Vietnam to Tao, good at managing livelihoods, has accumulated a lot of wealth, future generations so Tao Zhu Gong or Tao Zhu to refer to the rich businessman.

79, Yong before: </ strong>

Eastern Jin Xie Road, once "not as catkins due to the wind," the words to compare the snowflakes fluttering, uncle Xie greatly appreciated. After the "Wing Xu" or "Wing Xuetuai" said the woman is good at chant.

Such as "Dream of Red Mansions," the fifth back "can be sigh of de deprivation, who plow Yong Xu only.", Yong Xu refers only to Lin Daiyu extraordinary poetry talent.

80, Deer: </ strong>

"Han": "Qin lost its deer, the world altogether." Yan wrote the ancient notes Zhang Yan said: "Deer Yu Di position." Later, with the matchmaking group and the male and compete for the world.