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The rich shower room will do this kind of design, at first I feel ridiculous, I read it

Design 2018-02-22 19:31:10 3

Under normal circumstances, we bought a set of your beloved house, the next need to do is to renovate the house, to know that decoration is also a significant number, so we must pay attention to, and for each space inside the house , We may see the living room, bedroom and other major places to see very heavy, but for those who are relatively small space, it will maintain a so-so attitude, in fact, this is completely wrong, for example, bathroom, bathroom decoration When the wet and dry separation methods will be used in the bathroom inside the installation of shower room, but now to tell everyone that the rich shower room will do this design, the beginning I feel ridiculous, I read that the benefits of more!

The bathroom is what we use every day, wash, go to the bathroom, or even take a shower, gradually the water inside the bathroom will get heavier and heavier, which is the source of bathroom damp, in the traditional bathroom decoration above, will paste Tiles, although it can increase the aesthetic level of the bathroom, but most likely cause slippery danger, if the family is a large apartment, then the bathroom area will be much larger, so living will use the bathroom and shower room Separate design concept, but now buy small apartment is very large, the relative area of ​​the bathroom will not be large, there is simply no extra space to elaborate design, so there will be such a phenomenon, that Is to use the bathroom and shower room together, but to achieve the effect of saving space.

However, if the small size of the bathroom and shower room with the design of the way, there is no way to ensure that the effect of separation of wet and dry, so go, the bathroom will instead become more and more humid, in fact, there is a way to be completely To improve such a situation, this method is to install a small water stop, do not underestimate the water stop, in fact, its role is very large, with the water stop, you can clearly play dry Wet separation role, but for the installation of retaining the bar the family, one thing that needs attention is that it can be further to prevent the bathroom from getting wet during installation, do not install the water stop at a suitable height , And separate installation at a shower compared to the water strip will be more economical and easy to use, this method you get it?

In fact, the use of water stop bar is now very common, many families are using the water stop, many styles are varied, to meet everyone's pursuit of beauty, the design will appear above the arc or Straight lines and so on, the material is more variety, marble, there are ceramic tiles, to meet the needs of different families, more effectively avoid the people in the bath, get the bathroom wet phenomenon.

Some people in the design of the house, always like to follow the trend, the results of a good decoration, only to find out how wrong their wrong, which is to give you a lesson, not all things need to follow the trend, to choose The most suitable for their own is the most correct way, if your home is a small apartment, then installed in the bathroom inside a retaining bar, save money and practical, but also to ensure that the bathroom environment.