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Liu Tao burst of 2018 new play light, you must not miss!

Entertainment 2018-02-22 16:47:54 15

The 2018 new play blooms, contests. The direction of the market is always moving forward with the theme, Liu Tao has always been to the public with enthusiasm, extroverted, acting independently decisive image deeply loved by everyone, Liu Tao in 2018 there are three to be released TV series available, Worth everyone looking forward to

Liu Tao 2018 film and television works which


"Ode to the third season" drama </ strong>

Liu Tao decorated Andy (one of the actress)

The drama "Ode to Joy" is a work by the production team led by Hou Hongliang and Kong Sheng to test the first metropolitan fashion theme of the film. The play is based on Ayni's novel "Ode to Joy," while Hou Hongliang team It was decided at the rhythm of the resolution "Ode to Joy" to make "Happy Ones" even three quarters, and the performers had already signed the three seasons.


Andy wants to be married with the packet, it is bound to move out of joy. Qiu Yingying parents should also see the Qin, married set, but also to move away from joy. Is there any lack of beauty in the world? And the script's direction with the involvement of marital life, will certainly become a mother-in-law dog blood family drama ... ... is no longer the kind of female inspirational growth we have seen.

It is said that after Chiu Ying-Ying was married in the third department, the macho should not allow her to go to work in the coffee shop, hoping she would be a housewife and a full-time mother at home. And Qiu Yingying can not stand the gas should be Qin mother, many times with quarrel quarrel to move back happy ode ...

Fan Shengmei broke up with Wang Baichuan, because she felt he did not love him enough, at most, when he was a reliance on his own strange city in Shanghai, he decisively broke up. Fan Shengmei broke up after the break is still looking for long-term tickets, is said to find a lawyer, the final outcome is to find a man to get married rely on. And Fan Shengmei so bottomless home, but also the whole out what unit moth, the new boyfriend can not accept, continue to be unknown ... ... it is estimated that bloody ah!

Qu Xiaogu and Zhao Qiping always have the same world, sweet, how long, Qu Xiaoguo such a character can not get the love of Zhao mother, is also unknown, then the coming is still the mother-in-law issue ... really is the play of mother-in-law ...


Jigsaw Puzzles </ strong>

Liu Tao decorated Ji Jia Ni (actress)

Jigsaw Puzzle tells the story of a crackdown on corruption. Under the leadership of the anti-corruption bureau chief Soong Chang-ming, prosecutors such as JJ (Wang Lei) and Ji Jiani (Liu Taoxing) fear defying power and fighting wits with corrupt elements, The final eradication of wealthy Yang Hao-day and his corrupt corps behind the snakehead Mayor Yang Haoshan, the powers of Secretary-General Xu Peng, as well as performance Mayor Tan Jian. When justice and fairness are evident, Jane Jie has also harvested the most beautiful love, affection and friendship.


Yuan Jiangye, director of the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Development Zone, committed suicide by jumping to a building, but a stone waves provoked waves. Young prosecutor Jane Jie was ordered to investigate, suffered heavy resistance. Soon a more strange thing happened, Jane's associate father-in-law, Mei Dongsheng, was mysteriously missing and became a major suspect in the murder. For a time, Jane Jie and his fiance Mei Yue life plunged into chaos. However, the settled Jane Jie soon realized that a big battle of justice and evil has taken place around the big cake of interest in the development zone. In this bloody anti-corruption storms, a number of prosecutors such as Jian Jie and Ji Jianni, under the leadership of the anti-corruption bureau chief Soong Chang-ming, have defied the power and waged courageously fighting against corrupt elements. They are steady, Finally eradicated the wealthy Yang Haotian and the corrupt corps behind him - Yang Haoshan, chief of the snakehead, Xu Peng, the powerful general secretary, and Tan Jian, the mayor of performance. When justice and fairness are evident, Jane Jie has also harvested the most beautiful love, affection and friendship.


"We all have good TV series. </ strong>

Liu Tao looking for (actress)

"We all need to be good," tells the story of Liu Tao's search for being forced back into the frontline because of the child, becoming a housewife, moving away from the husband of financial genius, who plays Yang Shuo, growing in conflict and out of touch with society Depression due to anxiety and leave the family, Nirvana rebirth, find themselves, to achieve secondary growth, to a real maturity and return.


Born in the average worker's home forward, with his own intelligence and hard-working spirit, soon in the world-renowned IPD fund company and establish a firm foothold. During this period, he broke through the layers of obstacles to get married and have children. Scholar family was born in search of opposition regardless of family married poor children march forward, looking for has been engaged in his favorite stage art work, had to give up after marriage forced to become a full-time housewife. As forward-looking social work more, looking for a new life does not meet, two people communicate poorly lead to problems soon after the relationship between husband and wife, even more worrying is looking for this serious depression. After trying hard to restore the marriage, the two decided to separate. Even if the two are separated, they still regard each other as their relatives and accompany their children to grow together. Their child and hero are not only harmed but also double their favorite of the two reorganized families.

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