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Convenient store sector Gangster 7-11, and finally bow to the unmanned store!

Technology 2018-02-22 13:53:49 16

Unmanned store </ strong>

The concept fire started last year

Many people worry

Convenience store like 7-11

Will it be challenged by artificial intelligence?

The answer is not

Because 7-11 also no convenience store entry it!

They are the first unmanned convenience store in China

Opened at headquarters in Taipei

Also played a domineering name "X-Store"

Compared with the ordinary store ordinary design

X-Store on the more foreign

Silver gray facades

Catch the blue light

Futuristic feeling perfect!

Look closely

Found that even 7-11 iconic orange green red trademark have changed

Changed to look like this

See the eye-catching next to the "X"

Mathematical enthusiasts on the station stand the first reaction

This is not unknown

So X-Store is not

"Unfamiliar store" mean?

The shop really has a lot of "unknown"

After all, no real business

All kinds of high technology have to be used

X-Store is said to employ more than 20 artificial intelligence technologies

Such as facial features biometrics

Product identification, electronic tags

Smart language system, automatic payment system and so on

In-store refrigerators are automatically sensed

When you approach will automatically open

The shelves also have a small display

Scroll to broadcast a small video about product information

These are just some of the experiences in Hollywood movies

Let users shouted:

Too smart! Walk in like crossing to the future!

This unmanned convenience store covers an area of ​​60 square meters

Launched more than 900 kinds of regular sales of goods

It is indeed lower than the average 711 stores

Area of ​​100 square meters or more

The total number of goods in 2000 up and down the configuration

I can think of a change can understand

Some semi-processed foods like oden, tea eggs and the like

Obviously no way to sell it

Otherwise let the customer cook for themselves

Does not seem suitable

Currently, this X-Store also belongs to the internal testing phase

Operating hours as early as 7:00 to 7:00

Only open to 7-11 internal staff

Wait for them to find out the most complete business model

Re-enter the domestic market

And to promote to the world

"New Retail" is definitely one of the hottest topics in venture capital last year

I remember in 2016 in Hangzhou Yunqi Conference

Jack Ma first proposed the concept of "new retail."

Also categorically said

"In the next decade, there will be no e-commerce for two decades

Only new retail "

Shortly after, Ma Dad's unmanned supermarket "Amoy coffee"

Appearance in Hangzhou

Jingdong followed

Opened in Beijing headquarters building home unmanned convenience store

Tencent also immediately joined the unmanned retail army

This "unmanned store" this gale is not only popular in the country

Also scrape to foreign countries

In January this year, much attention

Amazon Go officially open

Long queues outside the door

Not to buy things

Mainly to experience

"Take it away"

"Do not queue to pay for" pleasure

Unmanned stores in addition to more convenient to buy outside

Can ease a lot of embarrassment

For example, when buying things

Purchasing Guide finally no longer follow the same tail behind

Buy a TT or aunt towel

Do not be embarrassed anymore

However, no one convenience store users or mixed reputation

Machine can really completely replace it?

Unmanaged will not allow some people with ulterior motives to take advantage?

These are questions people are worried about

In the "unmanned convenience store" has swept the world

Even the convenience store giant 7-11 also began to test the water at the time

The family still firmly said no

They said in an interview

"If we open no one store, franchisees do not have to play all"

Unpredictable "unmanned store"

Last year, pocketed the attention of the general public

And it really is spending upgrades

Or just a racket brain conceived of "virtual fire"

Still to be verified by time