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Jiang Xin partner Zhai Tian Pro interpretation of "Red Sorghum", User: acting Guards, better than starring!

Entertainment 2018-02-21 20:27:16 9

"Red Sorghum" is a Mo Yan's classic, was later adapted into a TV series. Zhai Tianlin Liu Yun initial collaboration Red Sorghum, Jiang Xin strength to help out, three people explained a group of people most sincere and the most fiery love and hate.

"Red Sorghum" in love, indomitable kindness, infatuation regret. "Nine children, this life is accounted for more than Ao, my next life, do not want to grab with me!" Jiang Xin this role is very place to show!

Jiang Xin's play is just like the truth, it will grasp the scale, whether emotional or facial expressions or lines are more relaxed.

The first is the play, the last is true, from shallow to deep into the role of the audience.

Jiang Xin's love of children, relatively overwhelming overbearing, especially during that touching monologue, the heart of an infatuated woman, said the best looks, every eye is the show, compared with Liu Yun's nine children is almost not too good!