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The inventory of these people's lives into a "satirical" of Chinese and foreign celebrities, Xu Zhimo a new story

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Do not know if you've never seen this book - "Procrastination Psychology", which is considered the Bible to overcome procrastination. But the two authors, Jane Bock and Lenorah, of the book, because of their delays, published the book two and a full nights later than the press agreed upon. After the book was finalized, she decided to drove down for a chic look and found her car was towed away because she had been dragged for a fee.

In 1889, many Etihad celebrities opposed each other after the eiffel tower construction plan was put forward. The famous short king, Maupassant, even threatened: "If Paris is completed, I will leave this city forever." However, after the erection of the tower, come here Maupassant is the one who eats and uses the most afternoon tea. He found himself a perfect excuse: "Here is the only place in Paris that can not see the broken tower."

3, the French King Louis XVI life keen lock system, and often with a locksmith called Garman study lock technology. After the French Revolution, he attempted to escape but was arrested. He colluded with the evidence that the foreign forces were trying to restore the lock in a wall safe. The lock on his own was very well designed. But the lock was finally opened by Garman, the evidence inside sent him to the guillotine, which the guillotine or his own design.

4, Nobel died of heart disease in his later years, the doctor prescribed: Xiao glycerin (that is, nitroglycerin). Nobel said that I have studied for the rest of my life Sharpening Glycerin did not know can cure, you make me funny, refused to take, in 1896, Nobel heart disease died. 102 years later, in 1998, three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their miraculous research results on glycero-glycerol treatment of heart disease.

5, after Roosevelt had hung up, Truman temporary president, gave a lot of aid often Shen Kai, but Shen Shenkai that the probability of winning the presidential election Dewey relatively large, so with Truman's aid to support Dewey, still in the domestic help Dewey prayed, and then let Truman know, until Truman became the official president, Mao did not give often Shenkai. Decades later, spinach has also done such a stupid thing.

6, 1938 Pearl S. Buck won the Nobel Prize in literature for that year because of the "Earth" and became the youngest winner in history. But her award was besieged American literature at the time. Writer William Faulkner somberly said: Even if I have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, will not go get it. And said they are reluctant to "match China race through the ladies". However, eleven years later, when he received the award notice, he did not accept the moment of resignation.

7, Songshan City broken, Hong Chengchu captive, Pine Hill defeat, give the great earthquake, all thought that Hong will die, but the ridiculous thing happened. At that time, Emperor Chongzhen was extremely sad and decided to quit for three days and to make a princely call for "offering sacrifices to sixteen altarpieces" and an altar on the seventh day. They personally delivered sacrifices on May 10, World Offering to the ninth altar, the news came: Hong Chengchou cleared.

8, Chen Yan Zhuo Qing Dynasty had such irony Li Yu :: style elegant sparse, the degree of loss of man carry on. Prime Minister of the Northern Song Zhang Zhaizhen so evaluation Song Huizong Zhao 佶: King of light, can not be the world. Before Zhao Biao was born, his father Shenzong saw the portrait of Li Yu very much: see its character Yan Ya, again and again with astonishment. Then gave birth to the emblem, and also dreamed of Li Yu.

9, Hou Jingmou instead, invited a Taoist priest named Tao to eat, monk pass a piece of meat dipped in salt to Hou Jing eat, ask "how", the answer "hate too salty," monk pass bad smile : Not bacon will be rotten! In the end, the monk pleaded with Hou Jing to salvage his body and bring it back to Kyoto.

10, Xu Zhimo first half of the various dislike of his wife Zhang Youyi wife, forcing his beaten baby must know we know, but you know, because he did not know Lu Siman money and restrained, but accepted the ex-wife Zhang Youyi's relief, His parents pens to the end. And his cousin Jin Yong did not change his determination even after many years for a 16-year-old girl who had left his wife Zhu Mei without "common language". (Cloud crane Xu Zhimo pen name)

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