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Xiong Ziqi girlfriend photo exposure and netizens vomit bad eyes

Entertainment 2018-02-21 18:22:42 31

Since our godson Xiong Ziqi became famous after frequent appearances in Hunan Taiwan's two major variety and happy camp and every day, which makes many netizens are very curious Xiongzi Qi in the end what is the background, not because of a drama fire only, As for being so valued? So the male goddess Xiong Ziqi began to be friends open grilled, it is not bear Ziqi girlfriend photo was stripped out, the original long, so no wonder friends were vomit bad girlfriend election, so what exactly Xiong Zi Qi girlfriend grow into what will be Netizens spit it?

Everyone loves Xiong Ziqi, a 90-year-old actor and singer. He was born in northeastern Liaoning and studied at a young age. Xiong Ziqi started his career as a singer and entered the entertainment industry in 2014. Shortly after his debut, but Xiong Ziqi, a graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has starred in many TV dramas so far. His collaboration with the lovely Tan Song Yun last year has drawn everyone's attention. So did his girlfriend Xiong Ziqi.

Because the drama "spray one by one," Gao Ziqi's popularity so much improved, so users also gradually Xiong Ziqi's information stripped of which Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend is more users guess, some people think that Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend is Tan Songyun, because Xiong Ziqi And Tan Song Yun in the play, but a very sweet pair, variety show outside the play. Is also because Xiongzi Qi and Tan Songyun is also a frequent sweet interaction, Xiongzi Qi Tan Song Yun and take care of it, this netizens who naturally guess Xiong Ziqi girlfriend is her, but in fact later said it was not.

So Xiong Ziqi's girlfriend exactly who pinch? Some netizens have Xiong Ziqi ticket located in Li Xi Rui body, that is, Xiongzi Qi and Li Xi Rui worked with the "national husband" and because Li Xi Rui tall, tall and Xiong Ziqi standing still quite fit, therefore, User again Xiongzi Zi Li Li Rui pairing, that Xiong Zi Qi's girlfriend is Li Xi Rui.

Not only this has also been reported, Xiong Zi Qi and actors wish Xun Dan due to drama, came romance. However, users are not out of these few are. Recently, some netizens found Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend photos on the social networking website INS. Therefore, Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend's photos are exposed. It is reported that Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend is an outsider, and Xiong Zi-qi's girlfriend photo shows his girlfriend's fair-skinned eyes and big eyes People call it a commonly known net red face, so Xiong Ziqi girlfriend was friends bad friends.