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Feng Timo again on the variety show live like a duck! Do you remember the once F4?

Entertainment 2018-02-21 12:15:17 40

Now mention von Timothy name, seems to have become the anchor of the live broadcast industry representatives. Sweet looks, touching voice, weird style allows her to have a large number of loyal powder on the Internet. I have to say that the fighting fish millions of mushroom corps, millions of microblogging army, so Feng Timothy is no different with the star.

As a fighter fish masters, in the past 2017 can be described as the peak of business. Take a variety of awards non-stop, then speak, offline activities are more enjoyable, at the end of the year, but also boarded the Hunan Satellite TV, the two major masters of variety. In the happy hometown to the most beautiful people identity debut, singing songs countless powder, still every day to the top of the amazing, although the flats were ridiculous hobbit, but von Timothy Yan value is online grind other female guests.

Have to say, Feng Timothy has become well-deserved deregulation regulars, has become the people talking about tea, of course, with the help of Starfish Starfish has become the most successful live anchor transformation female anchor.

However, during the Chinese New Year, when everyone was enjoying the joy of annual leave, Feng Timo did not idle. Millet spicy but found von Timothy once again boarded the variety screen, in the New Year's day gives netizens a huge surprise.

Coincides with the Spring Festival, Feng Timmer again to guest judges debut a new entertainment. A red dress appearance, full of festivals, have to say Feng Timothy on the frequency of variety and variety show on the calm performance is almost the same with the star.

Now Fon Timothy has become a well-deserved man of the broadcast rights, live in the diligence, mixed in the entertainment are mixed. Here, millet spicy can not help but think of the fighting fish once F4, Chen hair, Tuesday Ke, cousin and Feng Timothy, is still active in the live ring only Chen Yifa and Feng Timothy. In the brilliant career of the transition singer Tuesday Ke in the entertainment industry is still hard and fast, jump before the big cousin panda is a very small amount of information. In the anchor circle, compared with an out-door Chen counseling seconds to speak, Feng Timothy has come out too far.

From a few years ago that a mushroom head with Meng Mo sister paper, and now has become a typical television industry, mixed entertainment is also no effort to blow the wind, the typhoon field seems to not lose the popular star. Feng Timothy bitter and sweet along the way, millet spicy also hope that in the new year to see her more exciting works and content.

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