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42-year-old Mei Ting and 46-year-old Yan Ni Su Yan comparison, users: This gap is not a big general

Entertainment 2018-02-20 17:26:41 38

Mei Ting, since the advent of "Red Lover" and "Do not Speak with Heads," Mei Ting's name and a meek, solemn, stern face are just a few moments back in today's entertainment circle. After Mei Ting by virtue of "love of bullying" won as after. Mei Ting acting gain public recognition. When shooting "massage", she hit her husband now has a sword. This she pet princess iron man! After marriage has a pair of offspring, it is very happy!

The media born in Jiangsu in 1975 was a typical southern woman in the eyes of countless people. She looks sweet, gentle and considerate. Mei Ting's current husband's movie editor Zeng Jian, who has a low profile, professional ability, has won numerous awards. He and Mei-Ting due to play connected, met fell in love, Tsang worked steadily, is more petting Mei Ting

Mei-Ting daughter was born in 2013, and participated in the variety show "Mom is Superman" and popularity increased, the little girl in the program well-behaved, milk, milk and milk is very attractive. Quickly a pair of big eyes Meng Meng da, very steal the spotlight, really genetically mom's good genes.

Mei Ting postpartum figure is still very good body, generous and natural, simple. Mei-ting career is a strong woman, but was Zeng Jian pet in life became a small woman, 1-year-old son, Mei Ting do not want to stay home all day long, Sword was very understanding, then when the father and mother, Make money with children correct, which is why Mei Ting diapers with children will not change the reason, now back Mei Ting has been lean back, began filming the film and television, "Lang Lang list 2" there is wonderful which performed.

As the saying goes: women need to be spoiled by men, with this favor, women not only live a happy life, even the face will be followed by better. Do not believe, Mei Ting you see it.

Mei Ting, due to partner Feng Yuan Zheng starred in "Do not talk to strangers" and concern. With the same good looks, superb acting Mei Ting quickly became popular.

Mei Ting successful career development, feelings are often frustrated. The thought of ex-husband Yan quite willing to pay will be able to live together forever, but unfortunately the happy marriage suffered girlfriends Li Xiaoran imprisonment, because this period of sex scandal, Yan quite punishable severely broken legs.

After the divorce with Yan quite, Mei Ting met the current husband Zeng Jian, the two married, gave birth to a pair of lovely children, extremely happy.

In the TV show "Mom is Superman", we can see that the postpartum Mei Ting stature. Today, Mei Ting, 30 pounds to return to the peak value.

After reading Sukhotsu Suyan recent photos, look at the 46-year-old Yan Su Suyan recent photos, a gap of 4 years old can be great.

Yan Ni with "martial arts" in "Tong dispensers" concern, followed by partner Hu Ge starring "Apocalypse of Life" quickly became popular. Like Mei Ting, there have been some unhappy marriages, and Yan Ni, now 46, lives with her daughter.

Yan Ni with the Sunshine in the airport photo exposure, many fans exclaimed: This is the gap between the TV is too big, it simply did not recognize is Yan Ni?

Fancy Yan Ni some haggard significantly older, but after all, 46-year-old man, can maintain so, not bad, really 46-year-old some of the way!

42-year-old Mei Ting and 46-year-old Yan Ni Su Yan comparison, you prefer?