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King of glory: millions of players, the ultimate imitation of this game, Imitate the essence!

Game 2018-02-20 14:03:06 102

Hello everyone, here is the brother, there are more exciting king around the glory and information.

If you see this article you are a king of glory players, you must have seen several similar to the glory of the king of the game, because after all, they are playing the king of glory, still understand it, and small partners to Talk about you know what kind of game and the king of the same glory?

Today we come to see a king and the glory has a very similar temperament of the game, if you know the name of the game's little friends, may wish to say in the comments area Oh.

Mulan is the hero of this hero in the glory of the king is a warrior, the first two seasons is also very strong, of course, for God, she has been very strong, the hero has two modes of attack, during the transition is also very sensible in the The image of the king's glory is the image of being able to resist the banner of "marching for his father." However, not only is her spirit weakened in this game, but her skin is so ordinary that she can not see anything Operating feel.

In the king's glory Guan Erye appearance rate is not high at present, but Guan Yu in the hands of the Great God is definitely to steal the enemy's camp, "iron hoof" with the release of a big move to the enemy hero to the top to find To the direction, but most of the horses are eating bad stomach horse, ran sparsely, Guan Yu is a more difficult to operate a hero, this game also has a hero similar to Guan Yu, its style you feel, I Not much to say.

Li Bai is a swordsman, drinking poetry, Happy, killing is only Li Bai can do, and we know that there are many well-known anchor of the famous hero is Li Bai, although Li Bai has been weakened, but has been very popular, In this game, Li Bai has a sword, a wine, but this style of painting, the Li Bai is too chic, right?

Sun Wukong, the image of the king's glory is also discussed by many players many times, and some players think that the king's glory in the image of the Monkey King is in line with our aesthetic standards, there are many players that Monkey King was originally a monkey, it should be a bit Wild, king of the glorious Sun Wukong too formal, then your point of view? The image of Sun Wukong in this game seems to be more in line with the latter point of view, a bit wild.

For the hero of this hero can have a "imitation of this game the ultimate, I imitate the essence!" To describe it?

Here is the treasure brother, the content here is more exciting