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New Year go relatives, why always forced to ask wages? Heart tired!

Psychological 2018-02-19 21:00:45 14

Spring Festival is coming home, a reunion is a happy thing. but! These days, the seven aunt eight aunt who hit the heart of the torture, whether you can not parry it? </ p>

@ Shenzhen Forum in the family smile laugh Coke:

  • Which kind of relatives are you around? Always like to ask how much your salary? How much a month? How much is the year-end bonus? How much is the annual income? No matter when you see anything new in your home, ask when to buy it? how much is it? I have a relative, I am very disgusted with her to ask my husband and I, but not good to explain. Really asked the income, ask spending, buy clothes to ask ... ... or more relatives relatives. In particular, during the Chinese New Year, each relatives have to ask you how much income what ah! why? ? ? </ p> </ li>

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    @ Aiming kitten

    Is not it all? Do not ask the front, or sidelined sideways. The most horrible thing is to figure out how much you can have in a year, and then evaluate the success of the.

    @ Walking in space 66

    A lot of such relatives. First of all do not be too serious, followed by a very high number of smiles (high to others that you are the kind of nonsense) answer just fine, so everyone will hahahaha smile.

    Few relatives really care about your income, most of them know that you live better than their children they are happy. So I never seriously answer, can not belittle myself, then try to talk high, so high they know I'm just kidding and they just fine.

    @ Point pressure to buy milk pressure shock

    My husband a cousin every year asked, I began to say not enough to spend their own, he was very proud of blew his wife how much the amount of wages, then asked me to go to the high said later learned from other people he went back Scolded his wife useless.

    @ jiewei119

    Haha, I said deliberately belittle. Then I owe the bank millions, so poor. Then, especially the kind of classmates, ah, or boys will ask wages. I said thousands of pieces, ha ha ha, and then people say it really seldom. I......


    Xiao Yue Yue classic reply: less than one billion

    @ Paranoid vivi

    I have a relative who asks: How much do you pay for a month? How much commission this month? How much did you spend traveling out? How much do you buy these shoes?

    You have to say he should not ask, he said: I do not look for you to borrow money, why do not you say ~ special funny ~

    @ fhj4448

    Quite a lot of ... Oh! ! ! People care about you!


    Many people want to know about other income, others' privacy.

    I'm afraid my sister see my phone, whether it is SMS, WeChat, stock accounts, Alipay accounts, WeChat wallet, the camera's photos are all to see it again, but all the information, all photos.

    @ 711tt

    No one took the initiative to ask me this question, I am very lonely, ah, crying for mercy do not give me the opportunity

    @ Happy pea

    Back home will encounter such relatives Na, or with the family is not close to the kind of face. Sometimes in front of a few relatives ask, asking income and other expenses, usually laugh and respond not much, more money to spend more, less money to use less. Less money can go on, more money I can spend it, who will not spend money ah ... ... behind everyone is a smile over


    There are such relatives, I usually casually talk about, prevaricate in the past. Many years later they all said that I had no truth.

    At last! Xiaobian give you a move!

    You go home for the New Year, was forced to ask income yet?

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