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Kaiju Du Wenqin 2017 Taijiquan learning experience

News 2018-02-19 21:19:25 11

I used to see old woman in the park leisurely and freely playing taijiquan. In a chance, I met Master Luo Ming, and I started learning Taijiquan.

Beginner tai chi, always feel clumsy, hands and feet do not listen to me, see the master brothers is very easy to do, how can I not learn. Master always patiently taught me over and over again and told me to learn Tai Chi to meditate first, then sink to learn good fist.

Master taught over and over again that I learned time and time again and finally finished the old frame, the second frame and the new frame all the way.

Master taught us to learn fist frame while teaching us Tai Chi theory, telling me that taijiquan is a kind of consciousness movement, which requires us to penetrate the consciousness in the fist frame. I can understand the meaning of the beginning of these words, but it is hard to really understand these words through the fist frame. This requires us to practice the boxing again and again, just as Master called in to practice the ministry.

Learning too fast for a year, though not getting started, but my heart can calm down, whenever I am distracted, practicing again a new frame will allow me to calm down, unhappy things thrown away. This may be my greatest learning Tai Chi gains.