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King glory week Zhuang Zhou new skin cloud dreams on-line Han Xin: yo new Kun ah! Not bad

Game 2018-02-19 19:39:41 16

Before many articles broke the news Zhuangzhou latest skin Cloud Dreams finally came out, this time the skin to do more fantasy, in addition to Zhuang Zhou itself a more light, his mount Kun also has a Meng Meng corner . Unicorn Kun looks pretty handsome!

The skin is still a story: there was a great visionary created a beautiful magnificent city, future generations have a fantasy genius of adolescents in the dream and the destroyed city encounter, according to the guidelines of the city of repair.

Zhuang Zhou scarf there are some small egg, scarf pattern is the light, Kun and the sky, the location of these elements are arranged from the bottom up, representing the juvenile course.

Appearance of the animation is also more handsome: Kun from the vast sky, jumped out, well-traveled to Zhuang Zhou, Zhuang Zhou finally not sleeping let it! Zhuang Zhou appearance so high rate of appearance.

Even the skills are better match the skin look better, many players have expressed their own views, there are netizens ridicule to sit for several seasons and finally saw the big legs Zhuang Zhou!

Players: Han Xin: ah ..... New Kun ah, not bad

Players: Forward this unicorn Kun, New Year more than one dish!

Players: finally revealed the long legs Zhuang Zhou brother

Players: Joe: fast meteor, wrong, almost to the stars wish it!

Players: I have horns on my head and a tail behind me

Players: Kobayashi also joined the Han Shun steal Kun team in it

A skill to release three small Kun forward flew to the end exploded starry sky effect, like a dreamlike dream.

Players: colorful Unicorn cp

Players: Start a Kun, equipment by the fight

Players: shocked! A ride Kun Kun men red-haired men chase, the reason is actually ...

Players: Narrator: Wuling fishing industry ......

Players: I porridge. There are three skills a fish. Ok, Ok. Pot is probably not enough, to borrow a neighbor ah ah

Players: Erm, Kun Kun is still the focus! Zhuang Zhou: Obviously I am a hero

Two skills from Kun side release like the universe like light waves, dreamy and beautiful, as if the dream within reach.

Players: Mr. Zhuang hand lamp is what light?

Players: That day, Kun once again felt the dictatorship was dominated by the fear

Players: Kun: steamed delicious, I also want to eat steamed! Zhuang Zhou: emmmmmmmm

Players: You can dry pot Kun, pickled Kun, barbecue Kun, braised Kun, sweet and sour Kun. . .

Players: Forward this Kun, Chinese New Year fat three pounds. I am telling the truth

Players: Zhuang Zhou no longer sleeping, handsome awesome, a like

Three skills Kun upward tail swing, offering a wide range of dream enchantment, immune control

According to the news, this Kun ... ... wrong, Zhuang Zhou's new skin on the line in late of this month, are you ready to buy it?