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Adi Boost technology and Nike Air cushion, cushioning technology who better?

Fashion 2018-02-19 17:13:43 11

As the saying goes: poor play Nike, rich playing Adi. Although Meng new people do not understand the meaning of this sentence, but also on the side of Nike and Adi's hot. In the past two years, Adi's boost and Nike air cushion shoes new products in an endless stream, dazzling, difficult to choose.

So, Adidas Boost technology compared to Nike's Air cushion, cushioning technology who better?

Adi's Boost shoes before it has not been developed, Adi basically can be said to be Nike hang. In addition to claiming that even around the world can be 2 laps around the Adidas Super star, other shoes are not many highlights compared to Nike. Until 2013 Adidas started another revolution in running sports, the birth of Energy Boost makes running shoes technology has been a new breakthrough, adidas cushioning technology finally set off Boost craze in the world.

Adidas have sold Ultra Boost, adidas Originals NMD, YEEZY, Pure Boost, as well as this year's adidas EQT just launched in the shoe market has achieved good results.

As for the Nike Air cushion, it does not need to say, because Nike Air cushion technology in the 1980s has been for everyone. Development so far, Air cushioning technology has matured. Through the Nike Air cushion shoes shoes friends have this feeling: Palm feel soft, very want to step on the impulse, force feedback process quickly, it is suitable for people like to play basketball.

In terms of the two cushioning technologies, for now they are all the representatives of technology leaders in the field of sports brands. There is no such thing as playing poorly with Nike and playing rich. They are all our daily joke.

On the piece of cushioning, Xiaobian that the two are the same. As shoe lovers like what shoes or look at personal preferences, for the pursuit of foot feeling, both are a good choice!

In recent years, adidas boost is indeed the limelight. Adidas sports equipment is not weaker than the NIKE, professional breakdown is more clear, professional and stylish demarcation line is also very clear. After the introduction of boost, the same price, Adidas cost-effective.

To put it simply, Max injects the gas directly into the rubber chamber to make the pressure higher than the zoom. This air cushion is characterized by strong absorption impact, excellent feedback. The disadvantage is due to the characteristics of the result, if the impact is not big enough, the feedback feels lower, enough impact to be able to play out.

As the saying goes, layman to see the fun, experts see the door, NIKE cushion patent is very strong, SOLE, AIR, ZOOM these patents are strong cushioner. Adi also have BOUNCE, ADIPRENE, BOOST a series of shock-absorbing high-tech.

In contrast, NIKE cushion technology, ZOOM cushion with quick response, rapid rebound characteristics, is mainly used in the shoes. The AIR cushion is absolutely NIKE air cushion can be said signs, forefoot, center, palm and even the whole palm. Recently hot VAPORMAX running shoes can be said is bright spots, the innovative AIR cushion and shoe outsole directly combined. However, AIR air cushion over time will become less flexible, or even leak phenomenon.

NIKE now the cushion has been very mature, but a long time no innovation, will directly lead to the loss of consumers, NIKE this is certainly know, and look forward to seeing new innovations.