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The disappearance of her newborn daughter, her boyfriend and her family disappeared after 20 years and eventually found her daughter catastrophic

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In 1995, hazelnuts and Xiaosu came to this most economically open S city in China from a small village in Sichuan province.

Hazelnuts and Xiaosu many fellow, classmates, came earlier to work in the city of S, the family's economic situation is much better than their home.

This year hazelnuts and Xiao Su have graduated from junior high school, her family will not let her read again. Parents are nagging girls read so many books what is the use, in the future pick a good family married on the line.

Perhaps this is an excuse, too embarrassed at home; perhaps the idea is too old, patriarchal. The book certainly can not read. Hazelnuts and Xiaosu had embarrassed and hopefully embarked on the train, joined the billowing work force.

Hazelnuts and Xiaosu found a dwelling under the leadership of their fellow villagers. They both shrank in a private house of 12 square meters or in a separate room, what was next door to say and everything was clear.

When they first arrived, the two were covered with quilts every day, one was afraid, and the second was tired of the noise. Sometimes the hazelnuts and Xiao-Su make the sound bigger. At this moment, one of the brick masters who lives next door will be scolded, and several times say that they should be chops, scared of the two only 17 years old The girl's atmosphere can not be out.

Those years, in the city of S is full of electronics factory, find a job is not difficult, hazelnut and Xiao Su soon find a job.

Hazelnuts and Xiaosu so go to get off work every day from work, then do not think this job how boring, tired. Perhaps they have just arrived, have deep interest and curiosity to everything.

Weekends often go to the surrounding park stroll, chase me to catch you.

Xiaosu and hazelnuts so full of life day by day.

Most girls are more honest than boys, can gather money, in addition to buy a mirror, draw a brow, the whole branch of lipstick rubbed, made a salary to send home. Hazelnuts and Xiao Su also.

There is always a day of calm in life, and life is not always happy.

Hazelnut's mother was ill, spent a lot of money is not good, and finally went to the house every day to collect debt, and even have to go to her place of work. Hazelnut desperate, very scared.

Sometimes things do not go bad at a certain moment, but on the contrary it will be worse, so you will never see the head.

For a while, the factory life is particularly large, overtime every day, many people are a long time fatigue. Take a nap during the break.

As a result, the incident was seen by foreign businessmen and was furious. They raised many demands for degrading their dignity. Some were expelled and some later left by themselves. Because of this, hazelnut no job, Xiaosu also quit his job.

Xiao Su had long wanted to resign, and she felt that the factory daily live too much, almost no vacation, and nothing can be done, plus this is a great stimulus for her.

Xiao Su find a tea house work, pitiful wages, but she wanted more time, she went to repair classes in electronic engineering. She never wanted to go back to where it worked like a robot every day.

Six months later, Xiaosu also found a company selling LCD panels, which internship, and later became a formal work.

Hazelnut high school headaches on these things, Xiao Su advised her to learn together, she did not have a bit of interest. She has her difficulties, debt at home, do not pay off as soon as possible, themselves, the old father may be forced to die.

Hazelnuts want to find more money to do a job. Listen to the sister next door, she worked in the hotel, when the knowledgeable (Miss Yingbin), live easily, more money than the electronics factory, and sometimes tips, meet a man willing to spend money for you, You send it.

Hazelnuts listened for a while, think about their own situation, the family situation, if you can make more money as soon as possible, you can pay off the debt at home, and my father would not be so hard to be forced to debt every day.

Hazelnut and Xiao Su decided to go and see, think it is not the station, take guests to the room Well, there is nothing.

At that time they are so simple.

Hazelnut one meter seven individuals, willow waist, skin whitening water, skinny face plate, speak Yan language Ying sound. At that time not popular to wear hate sky high, hazelnut in the companion is particularly significant high class.

Xiaosu often jokingly said - she is beside the hazelnut foil, will only appear to her more beautiful, he is not the condition of it! This is life.

Yes, this is life, but who can guess their future destiny?

Countries all over the world have set up factories in the projectiles in this city of S, and various service industries such as restaurants, nightclubs, KTVs and star restaurants in S City have mushroomed. S city and Hong Kong only one step away from the weekend there are many Hong Kong people to play here, most of them are actually looking for girls.

Hazelnuts in the nightclub as a guest, a blink of an eye has been a year, it really much better than in the factory. The debt at home is light. Hazelnut heart slowly steady down, thinking so consumed, and then a year or so will be able to pay off.

Hazelnuts also smoothly rose to serve as minister.

A lot of people around hazelnut also started to talk about friends. A year ago she was very inferior, and now she is full of confidence, hazelnuts vision than she knew the sisters are higher, has not been able to fancy.

When you think about something, sometimes he always meets unexpectedly.

In May this year, hazelnut met her real life emperor - Lu Ming.

Lu Ming is a Hong Kong native. On one weekend he and his friends came to the hazelnut nightclub to play. At first hazelnut did not care, because he did not come in a month. A month later, Lu Ming almost every week restless. Hazelnuts were Lu Ming named to accompany to drink wine, hazelnut beat fail to boss, had to go.

In this way, there are so few months. Lu Ming looked very gentle, that is, there is nothing special to drink wine, Lu Ming hazelnut is also very generous, often gave her a lot of tips.

A stretched heart of hazelnut, a little down to the point. People's wary of small, generally also will say a few words, a hazelnut has no intention to say that there are debts at home, Lu Ming said immediately, that can borrow her, then have money back.

This is not like the other guests do not flirt with the same sincerity, nor when she wanted to borrow money from others as it is, also attached to make her feel nasty conditions.

Hazelnut a little touched, thinking of one person outside, in addition to Xiao-su no one understood her so, she was good, took over the money.

After returning in the evening, hazelnuts and Xiao Su said this. Xiao Su do not agree with hazelnuts doing that, feel ineffective, we should find out. For the first time, the two men were blushing.

A week later, Xiao-Su said to the hazelnuts: maybe I am more concerned, you take me to see it. Hazelnut agreed, the three sat in a tea house afternoon, Xiao Su asked a lot, but Lu Ming people passionate, funny, extraordinary conversation.

Lu Ming said he is doing investment banking, in the city of S also have working contacts. Xiao Su said that he is learning electronic engineering, the future will do this in a liquid crystal display business, Lu said he was willing to help contact a good company.

Although hazelnuts do not understand what they are talking about, they still feel that Lu Ming is great. Xiaosu Road thanks, she did not find anything wrong, but did not say anything.

A week later, when Lu Ming came back to hazelnut to work there was a rose. Although hazelnuts were not the first to be received, she was still full of joy because she was the object of her choice.

Peripheral colleagues envy, envy, but also for high school despise. But this is what they think.

Later, Lu Ming bought hazelnuts clothes, shoes, jewelry, sisters with her eyes are jealous of the light.

One day Lu Ming and hazelnut said: "We live together, I rented a house for you, you and Xiao Su separate living, your place is really too shabby."

Hazelnut Lu Ming said justified, say Xiao Su found a new job, treatment is good, but also left, so I agreed to Lu Ming's approach.

And Xiao-Su separate, the two contacts are gradually less up. Hazelnut heard Xiaosu also sweetheart. Lu Ming himself living in a newly developed district, but also happy, peace of mind.

One day, hazelnut felt special nausea, and then spit it out, for several days have such a situation, the hazelnuts were terrified, afraid of what they are sick.

Hazel and Xiaosu were very hard-headed at home, and seldom got sick. Even in S city, it was the same in the past two years, which made her happy because she was unable to get sick when working outside. Now let her a little panic, she called Xiaosu, Xiao Su said she was abroad, hazelnuts just think of it, Xiaosu now doing a good job for the company to study abroad.

Hazelnuts do not want to call Lu Ming because Lu Ming said he was busy there Monday through Friday, try not to call. However, hazelnuts have not managed so much, call Lu Ming's phone.

Lu Ming carefully confirmed at the other side, next to it seems that there are other people talking to Lu Ming, intermittent inability to hear clearly, as if the voice of a woman, Lu Ming explained that his sister and mother.

Hazelnuts did not expect to come back so fast Lu Ming, my heart sweet, thinking Lu Ming really is too sweet.

Lu Ming and hazelnuts went to the hospital, the doctor said hazelnuts pregnant, Lu Ming very happy, that finally can be a father.

Hazelnuts heard this, but a touch of sadness, because the family did not know her and Lu Ming's thing. Unmarried first pregnancy, in them that is taboo, if this thing will let my father know will not spare her.

Hazelnuts feel annoying Lu Ming understand her thoughts. Persuade hazelnuts, then do not say to the family first, when the child is born, when raw rice boiled ripe rice, go home and see your father, so that everything is easy to handle. Lu Ming said Lu Ming justified, the only way to do so.

Hazelnut and Lu Ming think of marriage registration to go, Lu said that in mainland China impossible. You age 19, say again settled in Hong Kong that welfare treatment is much better ... ... Hazelnuts think of a better future, agree to slowly. Children born again to get these, after all, what documents are still home.

Lu Ming hazelnuts just before told not to go to work, this would like to impossible, and simply resigned work at home, recuperate.

Hazelnuts, like all mothers, envision how babies are born, men and women, like mums or dads. She went to the mall to buy a stroller, a lot of toys, also scoured a tiger's head shoes.

I heard that this year, Hong Kong should return to the motherland. Like all Chinese people, the heart of hazelnut is also wandering. This is a day when every Chinese people feel proud. Hazelnuts think about Lu Ming and later go to Hong Kong More convenient.

April S City, spring, green area with green grass, called the famous, not known flowers opened over and over again.

Hazelnut lying on the balcony carefree sunbathing, stroking the bulge uplift, think about up to three months will be born, she could not suppress the joy of my heart. If it can be born on July 1 that day.

Hazelnuts pregnant a week later, Lu Ming took a woman over, said Lu Ming's mother, Aunt take the initiative to come take care of, which makes hazelnuts very sorry.

Lu Ming's mother came over, the hazelnut felt particularly warm heart, her mother died just two years ago, which makes the heart of pain, Lu Ming mother's care to her mother-like warmth. Lu Ming mother added a few kinds of gold jewelry hazelnuts. Hazelnut is very grateful, and even told her not to waste.

Lu Ming mother came a week later, said he was not very comfortable body, and want to return to Hong Kong hospital investigation, Lu Ming let his sister occasionally came to help take care of.

Hazelnut is very satisfied with the future aunt, beautiful, sweet mouth, to coax hazelnut happiness.

Hazelnut ridicule Lu Ming said: "You look like you grow, what kind of like your sister."

Lu Ming paused, smiled: "This can blame me." Then Lu Ming sister also smiled.

Pregnancy in October, hazelnuts on June 7 that day, the child will be born, a little premature birth, but mother and child peace, they overjoyed.

Lu Ming's parents and granddaughter came to see, bought a lot of skin care products hazelnuts. Hazelnut is very happy, the whole family enjoyable.

July 1 morning, today is a good day. Hazelnut humming songs, went to the bathroom shower. After washing, hazelnut will go to a child feeding.

Into the bedroom, staring hazelnuts stupid son, the children gone, Lu Ming and his mother gone, hazelnuts shouted in every room again, or no one responded, big house only she was piercing sound echo.

Children, those clothes, baby strollers, those jewelry are still there, the children gone, call Lu Ming phone will not get through, the hazelnut brain blank, she grabbed his hair, trying to think of something, but what she Can not remember, not even a dream.

She was soft on the ground, a long time before remembered the alarm.

The following day, she met people ask where their children, but no one can tell her. Her remaining money and jewelry are also spent looking for children on this matter, deceived by others do not know, the police have no information about this.

After a while, the rent expired and hazelnuts were also driven out of the house by the landlord. Hazelnuts alone walking in the street ...

One day, a woman stopped naked in the street with her old vehicle and muttered in her mouth: "When I see my baby, I am going to Hong Kong to find my child." This man is a hazelnut.

"Being cheated by others, really miserable, crazy." Past passers-by pointing.

Hazelnut was driven out, or day after day to find her children, but her spirit slowly abnormal, and sometimes beggars by the roadside to give her food. But she only knew to find her child. Until such a state of madness.

Since Xiaosu and hazelnuts after the separation of the two less and less contacts, until Xiaosu public company sent to the United States, they broke off.

On this day, Xiaosu Gong sent back from the United States. She thought for some time did not see the hazelnut, and decided to hazelnut to live in the district to see.

Xiaosu drove to the hazelnuts live in the district, and then pedaled ran hazelnuts live in the floor knocking on the door, Xiao Su bought a large pile of snacks and baby products, and finally happy to see the baby hazelnuts, children probably Two months old, Xiaosu remember hazelnut and she said time abroad.

The door finally opened, Xiaosu just want to open mouth to speak, but the door open she did not know ... ... Xiao Su went to the property to ask, his face gradually frozen, she cried like a child, his mouth could not say With: "blame me, blame me ... ..."

Xiaosu neighborhood neighbors say about the location and scope of a person around the streets around the turn, finally see the hazelnuts familiar figure, no matter what she became, Xiao Su will recognize.

Xiao Su get off holding hazelnuts crying cries, sobbing, hazelnuts do not recognize her, hazelnut biting Xiao Su's shoulder, Xiaosu biting his teeth tightly holding the hazelnut has not moved, she felt himself I'm sorry hazelnuts, did not take good care of this and grew up with their own, affectionate sisters old friends.

Xiao Su called colleagues, a few people together to put the hazelnut into the city's mental hospital.

In order to take care of the sick hazelnut, Xiao Su quit his generous work and started to take care of her. She felt she was obliged to take the best care of the hazelnut. Xiao Su believed her friendship with the hazelnut would make her better.

Because of this, Xiaosu's boyfriend broke off with her, but Xiao Su did not regret it at all. She was willing to save her most important sister with her own love. Her determination can not be turned back.

The process of treatment is not easy, this time Xiaosu accompany hazelnut every day to speak, learn mental health knowledge.

"Xiao-Su." One day, hazelnuts called Xiao Su's own name, Xiao-Su could not help but excited tears, throwing things in his hand holding hazelnuts cried, hazelnuts cried.

The doctor then came with hazelnuts and Xiao Su said the situation of hazelnuts, the mood can not fluctuate too much. Since then, the hazelnut situation repeatedly, but more and more stable time.

Xiao Su decided to take hazelnuts back to the place to take care of themselves. Hazelnuts get better and thicker, and they have to find a job to make money, because the savings in taking care of hazelnuts in recent years also cost about the same. Xiaosu went to work again, or the original company, the boss cherish talent, did not care about, Xiaosu back three months to get started.

Hazelnuts have not relapsed for a long time. Xiaosu then find a boyfriend, and soon married.

Xiaosu feel hazelnut should also find a good family, they are married now, there are many inconveniences. However, the people around the hazelnuts are aware that she is getting married at her hometown as much as she is. Hazelnut thing is also known in the home, the old father because of this attack, died the year before last, or Xiao Su for hazelnut operation.

Xiao Su decided to change a residence, moved a little further away from this area, so less acquaintances, and then slowly looking for.

Xiaosu and her husband later opened their own electronics company, doing the rhythm. Hazelnut in Xiaosu company to start playing, so easy to take care of.

To coincidence, the company has an engineer Zhang divorced the year before last year, the children go to the woman, looked hazelnut good, Xiaosu asked the situation, Xiao Su truthfully said. Zhang said they do not mind, boil a few years before they married.

Xiaosu until this moment formally peace of mind. Hazelnuts later gave birth to a son, named Zhang Xiaorui, we all call him Little Rui. A family of three is very happy, to say that this should be over here. But some people really are bitter, God is really unfair to the hazelnut - Zhang and hazel sub-marriage, at the age of 14 when the child died of illness.

A few years later, Xiaosu helped Xiao Rui to study in the United States. Xiao Rui on the phone to the hazelnut and Xiao Su said to pay a girlfriend, very beautiful little Rui mind.

Xiaosu and hazelnuts have seen the photos, are very satisfied, so let Xiao Rui back home to take a look. Girl is a Hong Kong native American, called Carol, the Chinese name Liang Yueyue, a little larger than Little Switzerland, are in a school to know, that time just read the book, she studied. Hazelnut is very satisfied with the clever and beautiful Yue Yue.

One day hazelnut Yue Yue said: "There is time to bring your parents come together, everyone together." Xiao Rui and Yue Yue are happy.

One day in May of that year, the two agreed to meet at a hotel in S City, but their habitation temporarily resided in the home due to their physical discomfort. Hazelnut waiting in the bedroom, small Swiss Yue Yue and Yue Yue to the airport to meet the parents. From the Baoan Airport drive half an hour to hazelnut home.

Xiao Rui led Yue Yue's parents into the house. Hazelnuts quickly came out from the bedroom to meet. But when she saw the moment Yue Yue parents, she was shocked (original title: "hazelnut Story" author: Ten fingers from: reading every point of the story APP , to see more downloads Wonderful content