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India riveted enough Su-57, F35's technology, why all hit the wall?

International 2018-02-19 17:16:31 109

The strength and rise of China also seem to give India a good chance of a great improvement in the relations between India and the United States. India is also expected to make a big deal with the United States this year and signed a number of orders with the United States. To this end, F16 will also be transferred to the production line in India, India seems to be the final independent research and development, independent reborn!

India, which keeps a close eye on the every move of China and Pakistan, has started a little bit anxious recently as Pakistan decided to unite with China to develop the Five Dynasties. For this reason, the United States and Russia stood up and volunteered to provide their own weapons to India. Russia naturally exported the Soviet Union 57, which was originally developed jointly by India and Russia, but India was dissatisfied with the conditions set by Russia during the sale and purchase cooperation. Therefore, the project has been delayed even though this time Russia India has reluctantly signed up because India wanted to order more than 100 fighters at the same time as its research and development costs increased to 6.5 billion U.S. dollars in exchange for all the Russian technology and that Russia How can we promise?

As a result, India began generous purchase of the US F35, want to go with the F-20 20 singles. However, Russia calmly responded to the matter, do not buy it now? The next price also! Russia is so confident, because they know that the problem of the F35 a bit!

As long as India is willing to buy the United States, killing will not say that their F35 is not good! However, for the purpose of technology transfer, the United States excuses that the key technology of the F35 fighter will not be transferred to India considering that India's current aviation industry is not equipped to produce advanced fighters.

The following is the comments of our netizens, Xiao Bian can not help but sigh after reading, comments are talent ah!