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Wandering little black dog hungry skinny, run the girl grab food at home, this dog is too brave

Pet 2018-02-19 15:30:37 170

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Yesterday morning, when I heard the dog in my house early in the morning, I was nervous. When I went out, I found my dog ​​hiding in the corner and kept shaking. A dirty Black dog over there to dominate the bowl of my dog's food, eat special Huan, may be starving, the black dog did not find me out, this dog is really skinny, and the stomach is deflated, However, eating for a while to become a ball, not only fed, but also have to eat spit, watch it spit it out to eat it when the time is not calm.

A dog is a stray dog, so dirty from the body can be seen, but our dog is actually a stray dog, a year ago when the garbage out with me back, and since then, our family dog ​​as long as Hungry will run our home looking for food, and then go out to find their own rest on the ground at night, you want to catch it, but the dog is particularly clever, run very fast, the dog did not tether every day to find food at home, Over time, it would not bother to go out to find their own food, and then also willing to let people touch it, this black dog is estimated to be about the same as my dog.

But a little bit different, this black dog is not afraid of people, very bold, terrified my dog, even so, I did not play out of mind, thinking is not to have the dog stay Down, maybe a long time, two dogs can live in peace it. Anyway, the recent New Year, especially the leftovers, my dog ​​can not eat, the black dog take the initiative close to me, my paws Pa trousers, special eyes Meng.

Mom said black dog evil spirits, this year is the year of the dog, encounter such a black dog can not just let it run, the dog is sensible, is not called at home, took less than a day to get everyone Like, but also to my dog ​​conquered, and every time I looked at my dog ​​Pidianpidian behind the little black dog, I feel this decision how wise.