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"White Paper on Farm Machinery in 2017" - Deep Reading of Cotton Picker Products

Farmers 2018-02-19 15:23:09 62

February 2, 2018, NongTongTong website formally published the "2017 NongMai Tong Paper" with the theme of "Sister Curling and Gluttonous Feeding". The data is based on the browse of the NongTongTong website in 2017, There is no modification, nor any artificial processing, which can best reflect the real needs and concerns of front-line users of agricultural machinery. According to statistics, in 2017, NongTongTong website product center visited a total of 18.487 million users, basically the same as in 2016.

China's cotton planting area of ​​about 50 million mu, mainly in Xinjiang and the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River Basin, Xinjiang cotton production which accounts for about 68% of the country. Machine picking cotton mainly concentrated in Xinjiang cotton area, accounting for 99.2% of the total area of ​​cotton machine income. It is estimated that the rate of cotton picking in Xinjiang Corps will reach 80% in 2017, an increase of 11 percentage points over the same period of last year. The rate of machine-picked cotton in Xinjiang Autonomous Region reaches over 25%, an increase of 4 percentage points over the same period of last year.

Yellow River, the Yangtze River Basin cotton mining development began. Shandong Province and Hubei Province are the provinces with the largest cotton acreage in the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin. In recent years, the machine-made cotton has all achieved zero breakthrough. In 2017, the area of ​​machine-picked cotton in Shandong Province reached 30,000 mu. Cotton picker in the Chinese market has begun a rapid rise.

As of December 31, 2017, a total of 36,000 users of cotton harvesting machines in the product centers of China Machinerycontainer Website, an increase of 63.6% over 2016, bid farewell to the trend of sharp drop in attention in 2016.

However, from the monthly trend of picking cotton pickers in 2017, from the beginning of August, the attention of cotton picker began to increase by leaps and bounds, which is exactly the beginning of the domestic cotton picking season.

In 2017, Xinjiang, as the largest cotton growing and harvesting area in China, naturally became the most visited area for cotton picker users, reaching 15,979 visitors, accounting for 44% of the total. About 2,000 people in Henan Province and Hebei Province Visits ranked second, accounting for 6%.

2017 cotton picker network user area distribution

Talking about cotton picker, Xiaobian mind emerges out of an oasis in the cotton fields in Xinjiang, green Deere gallop in the white ocean. It can be said that China's cotton picker has long been monopolized by John Deere. According to the list of concerns of the cotton picker enterprises in 2017, John Deere's cotton picker product network subscribers in 2017 attracted 23,747 people, accounting for 65% of the total attention of the cotton picker, far ahead of other brands. Since 1996, the Xinjiang Construction Corps has started to develop machine-picking cotton business. From the very beginning, it imported John Deere's and Case's products. After more than 20 years, almost all of Xinjiang's products are used by these two brands. Some machines pick cotton Operating company has hundreds of Deere, Case's cotton picker, cotton picker operation, social services mature and developed.

2017 cotton picker business network ranking

So apart from John Deere and Case, does China really have no other cotton picker manufacturers? In fact, this is not the case. After years of hard work, a breakthrough has been made in the production of large-scale pick-in-lint-picking heads in China. Small-batch production of three-line pick-up machines and trial production of six- Change, through the website of agricultural machinery through the website of big data statistics of 2017 cotton picker business attention list can also be seen twelve. Tied for second place in Xinjiang Shi Shi and modern agricultural are domestic-made enterprises.

Among them, the Xinjiang bowl Shi Ran agricultural machinery was established in August 2009, is located in Tacheng District Wusu Chemical Industry Park, is a collection of technology research and innovation, production and processing manufacturing, sales and service support as one of the machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, domestic and even There are few enterprises in Asia that can simultaneously produce three, five and six cotton picker.

Modern agricultural machinery is directly under the Central Government is a large technology-based enterprises - China Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute as the main sponsor, the United Steel Research Institute, Tsinghua Unisplendour, Beijing Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. and the Common Science Institute Initiated the establishment of modern agricultural equipment in the development, production and management of high-tech enterprises. By the end of 2017, Field Performance Test was conducted on "4MZ-6 cotton-box type 6-row high-efficiency smart cotton picker" led by Hyundai Agricultural Company. 4MZ-6 cotton-box type 6-row high-efficiency intelligent cotton picker is the latest achievement of "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan, "R & D of smart and efficient harvesting technology and equipment for cotton, linen and cotton"; this cotton picker breaks through the heavy-duty hydraulic chassis, Efficient collection of cotton boxes, intelligent control and other key technical problems; to achieve a large-scale efficient intelligent cotton picking equipment localization.

Since already have domestic enterprises to show their talent in the cotton picker market, is it worth buying domestically made cotton picker? Let's take a look at what cotton picker products are most popular in 2017.

NO.1 John Deere CP690 cotton picker </ strong>

Attention: 10601 recommendation index: 5 stars </ strong>

Recommended reason: strong motivation and efficiency </ strong>

The John Deere CP690 cotton picker uses a John Deere PowerTech diesel engine with a national emission standard of 13.5 liters and 560 horsepower (418 kW) plus 30 horsepower (24 kW) with electronic control Power outbreak. Even in difficult operating conditions, there will be no lack of motivation. Compared with the 7760 cotton harvester, power increased by 6%. The CP690 cotton harvester can harvest 60 acres of cotton within one hour (harvesting efficiency under field conditions in the United States and Australia), making it the most efficient cotton harvester in the world.

The CP690 cotton picker incorporates a ProDrive automatic gear-shift transmission, equipped with a slip-prevention control system to ensure excellent front-to-rear traction stability. The driver only needs to operate the pushbutton during traveling, so that the smooth speed change can be achieved easily. The machine's multi-function control rod is equally simple, modular design, only one-touch operation, you can achieve the unloading bales. In addition, the aircraft with advanced LED cab lighting and straight tube LED lighting, even in the case of less than ideal visibility, can achieve normal operation, so easy to operate at night.

NO.2 John Deere 7660 cotton picker </ strong>

Attention: 7958 recommendation index: 5 stars </ strong>

Recommended reason: Small turning radius Small Harvest efficiency </ strong>

The John Deere 7660 cotton picker is capable of harvesting in high-yield cotton fields and muddy cotton fields. The Model 7660 cotton harvester is equipped with a dual fan that delivers seed cotton efficiently and ensures that the machine maintains its normal picking speed while working in high-yielding cotton fields. The 7660 cotton harvester with dual fan configurations maintains the ideal picking speed, even in unfamiliar cotton fields, especially in the morning and night with dew. Double fan in the engine compartment to increase the airflow, make the machine cleaner inside.

The turning radius of the Model 7660 cotton picker was only 3.96 meters without the need for brakes, a 30% reduction over the turning radius of 5.49 meters for the Model 9996 cotton harvester. By reducing the time it takes to turn around, the machine guarantees maximum harvesting efficiency when working in the field. The Model 7660 cotton harvester is equipped with a 480 / 80R30 rear tire, which has good anti-trap capability and traction.

NO.3 Modern Farming 4MZ-3 Self-propelled Picking Machine </ strong>

Attention: 1684 recommendation index: 5 stars </ strong>

Recommended Reasons: Automatic Continuously Variable Profile </ strong>

Modern agricultural 4MZ-3 self-propelled cotton picker is a new type of product researched and developed according to the actual situation of mechanized cotton harvesting in our country. It is mainly composed of hydrostatic variable speed walking chassis, automatic control of cotton pick-up parts, cotton feeding device, automatic Cotton unloading cotton box, cotton picking components cleaning system, centralized control of lubrication systems and automatic control and monitoring systems and other components. The pick-up parts have the protection devices of automatic profiling, jam alarm sensor and two-stage clutches, and the picking components can be moved laterally, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. The cotton feeding system adopts the jet principle, which has the advantages of simple structure and uniform and reliable transportation; More convenient; the machine is equipped with automatic balancing system, unloading cotton machine stability and strong; machine operation, walking and collecting constant speed ratio, to ensure the quality of cotton picking. The machine uses a large number of electronic, hydraulic and other high-tech, advanced technology, cotton pick-up efficiency, Tim fill the domestic blank.

NO.4 Donghua 4MZ-3 self-propelled cotton picker </ strong>

Attention: 1521 recommendation index: 5 stars </ strong>

Recommended reason: Strong adaptability to reduce floor loss </ strong>

Donghua 4MZ-3 self-propelled cotton picker is a self-propelled cotton picker that is self-propelled and self-propelled, which is independently developed and manufactured by Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery. It is suitable for cotton production in the two regions of Xinjiang, Yangtze River and Yellow River. In the principle of cotton picks the level of pick spindle cotton picker parts, due to the number of spindle spreader, reasonable layout, adaptability, picking spindles and cotton bolls when operating the contact area and so on, and pick cotton working parts equipped with the ground The profiling function improves the quality of cotton pick-up and reduces the loss of upland cotton so that the recovery rate can reach more than 93% and the impurity-free rate is less than 11%.

Power system uses Cummins inline six-cylinder engine, powerful, low fuel consumption; Savo pump motor use, hydraulic system more stable and reliable transmission. Structural strength through the rational use of high-strength materials, to achieve the optimal design. After data testing and analysis, the fan impeller with computer modeling and optimized design is more reliable in terms of design parameters and manufacturing quality, ensuring efficient operation of the fan and smoother cotton conveying.

NO.5 Bowl Shi Ran 4MZ-6A cotton harvester </ strong>

Attention: 1283 recommendation index: 5 stars </ strong>

Recommended reason: Smooth and easy operation </ strong>

Bowl Shiran 4MZ-6A cotton harvester picking seed cotton quality, high cleanliness, less impurity, a good overall level; high-power inline six-cylinder air-cooled, turbocharged engine, powerful, energy-saving products; large capacity Cotton box to reduce the time to unload cotton, improve work efficiency; fuel tank and cleaning tank volume reached 1000 liters, greatly improving the work cycle; advanced unloading mode, unloading fast and reliable; imported hydraulic technology configuration, durable, Low failure rate.

The cotton pick adopts hydraulic motor and has the advantages of reliable power transmission, stable operation and low noise. The structure of the hydraulic clutch double fan is strong and the transmission is stable and reliable. The enclosed air conditioner cab is clean and comfortable. The hydraulic transmission system of infinite hydraulic speed with digital control System makes the control comfortable and concise; all-digital control panel makes the control convenient and flexible.

As we all know, the domestically produced cotton picker has no disruptive breakthrough in technology. At this stage, it is still learning and imitating. The real subversion technology does not appear, and it is hard to rewrite the competition pattern of the industry. The only way to compete with foreign brands like Deere is low prices. Low-cost sales in the new machine is indeed able to form the Case, Deere impact, such as the Deer CP690 market price of 5.5 million yuan, 3-line machine made in China 1 million. As for how to choose the user to buy, look at the capital situation.