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Jiayue Ting latest English speech burst: we want to create miracles, to be the most perfect product

Technology 2018-02-17 19:48:05 29

The starting of any one team is tough. Through this speech, Jia Youting expressed his future development to the brothers of the company. It is none other than us to make miracles come true, it is us, we must go crazy and finally express The $ 1.5 billion financing that has been made available to FF. </ strong>

The speech of Jia Youting is no less than that of Ma Yun's speech at Lakeside Garden at that year: We want to target the Silicon Valley in the United States. If you want to go to nine to five every day, we will certainly be finished. Our company will be listed in 2003, Not to mention a house like this, 50 sets have! </ strong>

Just as Jack Ma talked about before, he realized that his original team went far beyond getting the wealth of 50 houses.

This is another important speech by Jia Yueting after the domestic music moderator, which is a major turning point for the success of FF.

Since it was a full English speech by Jia Yunting, I made a brief translation of the important contents of the speech so that everyone could become more accustomed to it. The translated content is presented in the content of the speech simultaneously: (final comment of the article) </ strong>

The most exciting highlights of your speech are summarized below: </ strong>

Some people say that this is impossible, but we must follow the plan and push up our sleeves

We're going to do it, to do the best, the perfect product for your heart, </ strong>

Some people do not believe we can do anything, but (comrades), want miracles, </ strong>

(Others do not insane crazy does not matter), you have to let yourself go crazy crazy,

Even if everyone says you can not do it, but brothers, we are not afraid to die a bunch of people,

Just insist that others think it impossible to dry out!

We've got $ 1.5 billion in financing ...

Let's work out this miracle together!
(Brothers unanimously cheer ....)

This speech reminds me of the scene when Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999, reminds me of Liu Qiangdong's tragedy in 2008, </ strong>

At that time, Jack Ma in Beijing for the rest of my life have not encountered the grievances, others do not understand, cold-eyed and looked down upon Changan Avenue in the evening passing only lonely murmured: I may not be successful, but I believe Someone in China succeeds in the future, the Internet must be promptly dry, and then quit late. </ strong>

In 2007, Liu Qiangdong financed 20 million US dollars down, but he immediately thought of this money is not to solve my immediate needs, but to use the long-awaited grand strategy, that is, from the local brand sales, to All sorts of e-commerce shops were opened up and the logistics team was built by themselves. At that time, all the senior executives and investors all scared out of Xiang. All of them said no. However, Liu Qiangdong was far-sighted and saw other people's eyes wide open and could not see The future of the scene, everyone thought he was crazy, because no one had done so before, the next big shop stalls, this is not looking for death, may need 1 billion US dollars in financing, the original 20 million US dollars are not enough , Said Liu Qiang east of the power of public opinion that the specific point is that Liu Qiang East brainwash one by one, that popular point is Liu Qiang East executives and investors one by one reprimanded, and ultimately by virtue of their own controlling advantages, and finally set the strategy is To play to play big, to do other people think impossible, we want to create a miracle!撸 up sleeves dry.

Then in 2008 the financial crisis endangered, after the spread of shops around the need for money, Liu Qiang East almost dead end, can not find the money, the worst time, even the wages are not sent ... Investors no longer trust, senior morale Low, the capitalists at this time Bingzhe "to take advantage of your illness to your life," the traditional spirit of asking Liu Qiang East received a low stake, this feudal West Xiang Yu fellow, the first encounter suffered the hollowing of emptiness, he did not overnight Asleep, the next day, when the first rays of the sun were transmitted through the windows of the shabby office building, God found him secretly stained with white hair at night.

After a lapse of 10 years, in 2018, Jia Yueting lost his music as a year later, rebuffed his shirt, war on the rivers and lakes, this speech is bound to be loaded into the annals of history, Jia Youting this step can span the Millennium.

Sun Hongbin actually do not understand Jiayue Ting, really do not understand, two people's business thinking worse at least an era.

Heard: The farther one went, the more he went, either hung directly or the more he rebounded if given a chance to come back again. </ strong>

A strong entrepreneur, a dream entrepreneur, enough to shock a generation, Sun Hongbin squatting also over the river, Ma lonely too shocked too, Liu Qiang East also scared too brilliant, all carry on, the number of romantic characters, also see Jiayue Pavilion.

In 2000, Cai Chongxin listened to Jack Ma's speech, was impressed by Jack Ma's passionate team and vision, as well as career prospects, excitedly unable to control, leaving millions of U.S. jobs, running to Hangzhou, "Cheng Cheng "Ma team, as long as 500 wages. Now that we have seen Jia Yunting's vision, pattern and career prospects so exciting, we would like to ask Yingjie, who wants to abandon China's job and run to the United States "cast Cheng" Lao Jia's team. This is an opportunity only given to one time .... otherwise it will be too late .... </ strong>

Author: Zhangze Feng, Shi Zhanpai senior financial expert, finance professional growth tutor, published in 2016, "Chief Financial Officer riding", published in 2015, "from the bottom of financial circle" [enhance the financial capacity and the workplace, there are ways promoted a raise, please send headlines Private letter to me]