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Jin Dong 14 film and television actresses debut Spring Festival! River sparse Bai Bai Ho Yuan Quan Wang Kai there are big

Entertainment 2018-02-17 13:39:20 392

Last night, Jin Dong and Yuan Quan debut Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala. Coupled with the appearance of CCTV and various satellite TV Spring Festival Evening Jiangshu Ying, Wang Kai, Bai Bai Ho and others, this year's Spring Festival Evening cast even endorsement of 14 Jin Dong starring or participating film and television drama. Amazing my brother! Fantastic, my full warehouse big brother!

Jin Dong and Yuan Quan on the same stage

Jin Dong and Yuan Quan together with the song "When love has become a thing of the past," almost all from the title to the lyrics can be seen as "my first half" He Han and Tang Jing time to say goodbye. Tang Jing said: Do not mention the past, life has been more stormy. Even if the memory can not be eaten, love and hate are still in my heart. He Han said: You never really leave, you are always in my heart. I still love you, I can do nothing to myself.

River sparse appearances CCTV Spring Festival Evening

After the end of the chorus with Yuan Quan, Jin Dong immediately switched from He Han mode to Cheng Hao mode. A delightful solo, reminiscent of the Belgian wedding that begins with "Mr. Coincidentally, "Love" actress Jiang Shuying also boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage. In fact, CCTV Spring Festival Evening can also scoop up the Three Rivers film and television drama, not only because Li Yifeng will be in New York and Jiang Shuying joined the actor and actress, and "all the way to send flowers," the actor Zhonghan Liang also CCTV Spring Festival performance lineup. Unfortunately, Xin Chen and Road non-stop world, failed to perform on the same stage.

Jiang Shan debut Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening

Spring Festival Evening in Beijing Satellite TV, and Jin Dong cooperation in the film and television drama actor is more than just Yuan Quan. In the "sad mother and son" and Jin Dong together as the male and female star Jiang Shan also stage performances. Jiang Shan plays the mother of Jin Dong in "Sad Feelings", and in the movie "Black Rubik's Cube", Jin Dong and Jiang Shan also act as male and female characters. In addition, Jiang Shao as female No. one of another TV series "Who is lying", Jin Dong also played a role called beam captain.

Chen Jianbin Zhai Tianlin and Jin Dong cooperation in the play

Chen Jianbin who participated in the song singing with Jiang Shan is also one of Jin Dong's collaborators in the play. In the TV series "epoch-making", Jin Dong played Zhou Enlai, Chen Jianbin played Li Dazhao. Last night, appeared on the Oriental Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala performances and sketches of Zhai, also played in this drama Chen Yanian corner.

Comfortable and Yan Liu Yan Liu et al performing sketch

Spring Festival Evening in Beijing Satellite TV, comfortable and Liu Yan, Liu Yun and others show the story with a rehearsal of the script, which suddenly made it to the "actor's birth," the rehearsal. In fact, Jin Dong is one of the collaborators in the drama. In the TV series "Advent Children", Jin Dong and played a happy cousin. The role of ease in the play named Xu Lian, and Jin Dong's character named Xu.

Wang Kai and Jin Dong cooperation up

Spring Festival Evening squad, and Jin Dong cooperation most non-Wang Kai actor. Wang Kai's "Sitting Around the Round Table" evoke the memories of how many viewers spend New Year's Eve with the siblings and four of the "pretenders." In addition, the names of Jin Dong and Wang Kai are also included in the cast of Lang Lang Bang, "Ode to Joy" and "Ode to Joy" 2.

Yang purple to participate in sketch performances

Speaking of "Ode to Joy" and "Ode to Joy 2", not only Wang Kai came, Yang Zi also appeared in CCTV Spring Festival evening. Earlier, the joyous praise of the United States Liu Tao and Jiang Xin also appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala list, but the last minute missed. Yang Zi therefore became the only one to appear in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Song Mei Mei members. In addition, by the actress Yang Zi as the "battle of Changsha", Jin Dong also guest starred.

Hu Qin Qin Hailu participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala performances

In the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Hu participated in the opening song and dance performances, Qin Hailu participated in the sketch performances. In the TV series "Dongfang Shuo", Hu Ke plays the princess of Pingyang, Qin Hailu plays Luo Qi, and Jin Dong plays Han Wudi Liu Che in that drama.

Bai Bai Ho and Jing Bo Ran Chorus "Happy New Year"

Zhejiang Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, filled with a thick "cat demon mind 2" launch conference taste. Two big star Bai Bai Ho and Jing Bo Ran chorus of the Little Tigers "Happy New Year." Bai Bai Ho and Jin Dong starred in the "surgical situation" is still Jin Dong all the film and television works closest to the perfect one. Therefore, the inventory of Spring Festival Gala Jindi small partners, how can we forget about everything?

He Han slowly toward Tang Jing

So count down, in this year's Spring Festival Gala and around CCTV, there are actually 14 Jindong in the film and television drama in the small partner participated in the show. In spite of this, it is still inevitable that there should be a single mistake. Welcome Jin Dong's playmates message supplement.