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The sudden explosion in a shipyard that made a homemade carrier in India has caused 5 dead and 11 injured

Military 2018-02-16 22:16:29 96

At about 11 a.m. on the morning of February 13, local time, a big bang was struck at the Cochin shipyard in India, killing 5 people and injuring at least 11 others. It is reported that the cause of the accident is Cochin Shipyard is being repaired by the Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) owned, an offshore oil rig called Sagar Bhushan exploded. India's United Shipping Minister Nitin Gary Kari has ordered an investigation of the accident.

Sagar Bhushan is an old ship built in 1987 with a displacement of about 11,103 tons. At the scene of the blast, two more workers were allegedly left behind and their status was unclear. The picture shows the protagonist of this explosion --- Sagar Bhushan (data photo), which has been repaired at Cochin Shipyard for more than a month.

The victims of the explosion have been sent to a nearby hospital, police and firefighters have rushed to the scene, the rescue operation is underway. Nitin Gary Kari of India's United Shipping Department has ordered a bombing investigation. He also said he has directed the authorities to provide all necessary medical support to those injured in the accident.

Cochin Indian Shipyard is India's largest and most powerful shipbuilding company. It is currently carrying out the largest and most complex outfitting warships, the Indian Navy's first domestic carrier "Vikrant", although it from the end of 2011 to the present has been made almost seven years not good, but people have not given up Not . .