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Lenovo ZUK quietly return? Z3 configuration more surprises, cost-effective four little dragons together!

Digital 2018-02-16 20:24:49 178

Millet cost does not mention (although seemingly a little bit lately), but you know the cost of domestic mobile phone four little thing? Nubian, hammer, 360, ZUK, these four are niche and cost-effective brand, although the strength compared to Huawei millet, but also has its own characteristics. After ZUK claimed to be cut for a year, it miraculously resurrected! Price dragons gathered together, this time what wonderful performance?

ZUK chief Chang Cheng on January 8, released microblogging suggests ZUK imminent return, and the recent news is ZUK ZUK Z3 will be brought together again in April and everyone. Zhongguancun sources, the ZUK Z3 may take the high-end flagship route, using the current most popular full-screen design, control around the upper and lower borders are more in place, the proportion of screen in the current market should be considered relatively high. The fuselage is made of metal, front 12 million set 16 million dual camera, but the fingerprint scheme which is currently not clear.

More noteworthy is that Z3 will be equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, memory should be 6G +64 / 128G, is the flagship 2018 mainstream configuration. However, before the ZUK cell phone to maintain high cost, although the appearance of the relatively simple value, but can afford the quality of the Lenovo brand, be more "inner beauty" section! This configuration is so high, ZUK can maintain the price? Had a hard time with the hammer and 360 are a step forward, ZUK behind one year can catch up Well? Personally speaking, quite like this brand, not artificial, especially sincerity, silently do not pick a cell phone thing.

Looks like the hint is in late April, ZUK fans can look forward to a wave! If Lenovo can do the computer mind to spend more on the phone like, cut ZUK so hard to build word of mouth was so wasted. Besides now that the new technology is changing rapidly, wireless charging mobile phone manufacturers have not yet large-scale attempts, the domestic micro-goose technology has developed a Qi-compatible battery charging technology. As long as the equipment installed under the table, the phone can be placed directly on the table charge, without other operations, but also compatible with Samsung Apple Oh! ZUK do not know the return of the market can not grasp the situation, worry ah ....

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