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Guan Xiaotong Spring Festival Gala "nightclub wind" hot dance, wearing so little to Luhan greeting? !

Entertainment 2018-02-16 17:16:25 81

Year of the Dog Spring Festival planned Luhan and Guan Xiaotong debut, can plan to keep up with changes that their "sugar" we did not eat, will not abuse dogs will be arranged in the Lantern Festival? Guan Xiaotong girlfriend on the Spring Festival Evening, the deer absent, there is regret it!

Lu Han Guan Xiaotong sprinkled a lot of sugar on Valentine's Day, the two people in the picture are very loving, Xiao Tong mouth with a small mouth, Lu Han is holding a bunch of roses, and sometimes take his hand on his girlfriend shoulder, a simple action , Melted the heart of the old lady!

You fried so sweet, this is to give a single dog a number of naked crit ah, can put Guan comment area, most users still do not support Luhan and Guan Xiaotong this "little couple", and even a direct private letter from fans Guan Xiaotong, think they like Luhan a long time, more than off Xiaogong deer.

Do not be so passionate, sure not to scare love beans? Passing soy sauce Xiao Bian by the momentum of fans pop up three meters.

Baby after a little zero who are more concerned about the homework wood finish it, the weather is going to rain, the mother to be married, your oba is someone else's friends, do not make senseless struggle, like love beans Not happy, are you happy? Guan Xiaotong sister even if there are ten thousand bad, the deer's girlfriend heart must be perfect, 90 after the old aunt to make up your knife!

Guan Xiaotong young age on the Spring Festival Evening Envy enough envy, serious doubt Spring Festival Evening "relationship", grew up the national girl has a pair of Guards big legs, 20-year-old Guan Xiaotong can no longer grow up, Standing on Luhan next to this height, it seems to be a little higher!

Guan Xiaotong brought to the audience what kind of performance it Guanzhong, sister to the people of the country thanks to the year, sent warm hearted New Year greetings, Guan Xiaotong changed the past, good girl, "Peng Jia Wo" wearing a red leather, sequins Shorts, come some hot song dance!

Good figure in the role of CCTV look a bit sensual lot, short, but this one sexy dress, keep watch watching his girlfriend in front of the TV drama Lu Han must be bombed it!