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10 minutes to eat chicken speed experience! "Jedi survival of the whole army attack" limited edition of the Spring Festival open

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Great luck, the whole army attack! Teng heavyweight produced by the day, the United States studio team featuring the production of ultra-high quality tactical competitive mobile tour "Jedi survival of the whole army attack" on February 9 after the army opened the test download rankings all the way, praise very, praise rave. Interesting tribes official community fans reached 1.124 million fans, WeChat public articles are read in more than 100,000, the highest WeChat index exceeded 8 million. On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, "Jedi Survival Army attack" will open the Spring Festival limited edition, fighting smaller, faster contraction cycle, fewer participants in a single board, single time shorter. New Year fried chicken, hot finals. 10 minutes fast eating chicken experience, Spring Festival limited time on the line!

Innovation since the excellent research ability to eat chicken quality assurance!

In "Jedi Survival Army attack" research and development, the day the United States studio group using the original static dynamic shadow collection technology, while drastically renovating the UE4 rendering pipeline, the picture in the same configuration greatly surpass similar UE4 products in the mobile games Achieve the next generation of game effect. Also used the big world synchronization technology, super large scene loading management technology and many other new original technology Tencent, the game runs on a variety of models are very smooth and stable. Not only innovative ability, R & D strength hard, the United States studio group R & D experience is also very rich, swept the country's "king of glory", National Games Tour every day love to eliminate "are examples of its success.

Strong strength brings advanced quality. "Jedi survival of the whole army attack" After the opening of the test of the entire army demonstrated once again confirmed this. Quality, feel, fluency, gameplay, etc., have been strongly point players like. "Jedi survival of the whole army attack", the player has super-line of sight, the plane can see the map when the rivers and lakes; scene in the building and the shadow of trees and grass have been carefully optimized, trees mottled light, water sparkling Sparkling; character models, props, firearms, vehicles are also very delicate; shooting feel very real, firearms have the corresponding recoil, shooting a different target also has a full texture blow feedback. Left and right side of the aiming, machine aiming function to join also make the game far beyond the market to eat other chicken tour.

10 minutes fast eating chicken experience Spring Festival on-line time limit!

Spring Festival approaching, we all look forward to the Spring Festival holiday has kicked off. Long holiday gatherings, dinner, travel essential, but also indispensable can be black, strong social, rhythmic block, entertaining hand travel. "Jedi survival of the whole army attack" to open the limited edition of the Spring Festival, 10 minutes to eat a chicken at a very fast speed experience, and other food, the party, go home, anytime, anywhere to open a Council, do not have to worry about a game too long and delay the other thing.

Spring Festival limited version of the game flow and the normal mode of the game flow is basically the same, boarded the birth island, boarding, parachuting. In the Spring Festival limited edition, players can only parachute in designated areas that are randomly brushed. After the player lands, the ground over time sweeps out a new safe area, the safe area shrinks at a rhythm until the game is over.

The difference from the main mode is that in the Spring Festival limited edition, the altitude of the aircraft route is reduced to speed up the player's landing speed. The activity area is part of the entire map and the rhythm is more compact. If the player enters the prescribed area outside, will be a lot of poison circle damage, at the same time there will be a corresponding prompt to inform the player back to the specified area. Players after landing for some time, will refresh the safe area within the provisions of the region, follow-up with the same main mode, through the multi-wave poison ring zoom in to promote the process. In the limited edition of the Spring Festival, airdrops and items brushing rate have been individually configured to allow players to fight more readily in this version.

New Year fried chicken, hot finals

The opening of the Spring Festival limited edition, is "Jedi survival of the whole army attack" to meet the needs of mobile users tailored Spring Festival special edition. A single small number of small venues, fighting more intense, more drug-sparing, Volta and Gou more difficult. As can be seen from the rules, the limited version of the Spring Festival retains the core tactics of tactical competition, retains the fun of eating chicken tour, while significantly accelerating the game rhythm, shorten the game time, improve the game entertainment, better meet the Spring Festival Holiday game player's social and entertaining needs. Reduce the threshold of the game time and the threshold of the venue, a friend opened the black face more convenient.

"Jedi survival of the whole army attack," the Spring Festival limited edition to a faster and more modest, with super high picture quality, compatibility of the mainstream models of full coverage, excellent feel, low demand and fluency configuration advanced Game quality, hand travel during the Spring Festival is the best choice. Days of the United States attack, plain eat chicken!

[On the "Jedi survival of the whole army attack"]

Tencent produced the United States since the study, the ultimate optimization of the perfect restore!

Top screen delicate feel, burst Rush licking package in the end!

Tencent days the United States studio group effort for "Jedi survival army attack" shock struck. Meticulous production of the top picture of the times; meticulously create Jedi battlefield, reproduce the fun shooting shot;

Targeted lock, although hundreds of people go to me; Thousands of miles raid, safe area I take care!

Comrade in arms, the whole army attack! Open a new era of eating chicken!