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New home times lying so loaded even won the favor of the entire district, have cried that one by one to do!

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My husband and I belong to the more independent people, this set of second set is my husband's marriage room, with the money saved over the past few years paid down, do not want to add any pressure on home parents. The overall decoration is also relatively simple, but I still have a little pursuit of life, pinching the budget to create a Nordic wind that young people really like, we look at how?

Home entrance. Entrance is very narrow entrance, so there is no special carpenter hit the shoe, but bought a small shoe online, solid and compact and breathable, does not account for the extra space, is not very practical?

Restaurant and living room together, did not cut off, the original space is not large, then cut off the whole space will make it look smaller. Dining table, TV cabinet, coffee table is also bought Nordic style, simple and practical, simple wall stickers, wallpaper, does not seem monotonous.

Choose a set of fabric sofa, very comfortable! Is it a vibrant Nordic atmosphere with a plain sofa with elk pillows and elk murals on the wall?

Living room balcony was a laundry table and a three-door closet, laundry what is very convenient. Pre-set the location of the washing machine, so put the washing machine to go right.

Read a lot of people that the decoration stickers, the kitchen cabinet would rather fight more playing a lot, you can help solve a lot of storage problems. So my home kitchen cabinets are also a lot of range hood hit a few hanging cabinets, should be enough!

This is our master bedroom, the area is not too large, so take advantage of the location of the window, equipped with several drawers, both as a dressing table and can be installed under the pieces.

Second bedroom area smaller, but still more appropriate to do the room, playing a lot of cabinets, put a lot of books, can be used as a study, is not very nice!

This is the bathroom, read a lot of decoration stickers, so wise to do the wet and dry separation, so when the shower splash, accidentally slipping on the trouble!

The overall decoration is like this, and if the budget more, you can also install a more personalized, more sentimental. However, we are just ordinary wage earners, so for the time being! I hope everyone learn from yo!