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Another domestic explosion models cars, with 1.0T and 1.4T power, Honda mass pressure

Car 2018-02-15 21:02:50 152

In the auto market in 2017, Geely's sales figures can be quite beautiful. The annual sales volume hit 1.24 million units, a substantial increase of 56.41% over the same period of previous year. In 2018, Geely did not slow down its pace of sales in January up to 155,100 units, surging 51% over the same period last year. Bo Yue which single-month sales of 3.03 million, Imperial GS, Vision SUV, Vision S1, Vision X3, etc. have been broken million.

Sedan, Imperial, Imperial GL and long-term sales of three models are more than 15,000, of which Imperial sold 26,100 units, long-term breakthrough 20,000. To have such a market performance, that Geely brand and word of mouth in the minds of consumers have been greatly improved, the acquisition of Volvo has long been formed technology and reputation advantages slowly come out.

In the case of rapid growth in sales, Geely increased research and development and investment in new car products. This year the car market has to invest a new product - Imperial SL, to create new sales growth. After 85,90 young people have become the main force in the automotive market. Imperial style is driven by the coupe SL line, quite similar to the public transit. It is located between Imperial and Imperial GL, the body length and breadth 4680/1785 / 1460mm, wheelbase 2670mm. The captain and the wheelbase were 82mm and 14mm larger than the Lingdi respectively, with the overall space performance slightly better than the Imperial.

Appearance, Imperial Howard SL borrow Borui's design, the details of handling more prominent young dynamic. Familiar rippling grille familiar sense of the tail lines appear full, taillight shape extends from both sides to the middle, at the same time chrome across the entire trunk lid, the above logo lettering "GEELY" quite conspicuous, very international Fan! The bilateral total of two exhaust layout, more prominent movement.

Power, Imperial DL will be equipped with 1.0T three-cylinder and 1.4T four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 136 horsepower and 133 horsepower respectively. Among them, the power of 1.4T is the same as that of Imperial GL. 1.0T three-cylinder turbocharged engine, has been widely used in many joint-venture vehicles such as Honda Civic, Fox and others. As early as 2016, Geely has been developed, the performance is more prominent than the Honda 1.0T. I do not know Geely 1.0T three-cylinder power will also be subjected to the Tuyou Tucao?

The current Imperial price of 6.98-10.08 million in the Imperial, and Imperial GL 7.88-11.58 million. Imperial Howard SL if the price is reasonable, then the normal price should be between 7-7.5 million. 5-10 million car market, Geely is a lot of pressure to the joint venture car.