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Yang Mi double eyelid posted more embarrassing than the hairline, User: She must be too busy to cut double eyelids

Entertainment 2018-02-15 18:51:07 92

Speaking of Yang Mi body let you Tucao place, that is, her hair line, and earlier in the film "Sansei Shili Peach Blossom", but also because users say her hair too little, almost did not go hair, friends have Yang Mi is the high emotional intelligence circle.

Recently, with Yang Mi's new play "Negotiator" hit, Yang Mi another Tucao point was discovered, that is, Yang Mi's four eyelids.

In fact, before the show, Yang Mi screenshots in an ad let users shouted: could not bear to look straight! Because Yang Mi eyelid is too scary, fans have asked Yang Mi change a makeup artist!

Yang Mi's eyelids also "out of the play" in the "San Sheng Shi Shi Li Peach Blossom", but in the end was her hairline to win the "glory!" This time "negotiator" Yang Mi eyelids is too steal the spotlight, so users online Tucao mode also started, and even said Yang Mi eyelid more hair than the hairline more embarrassing!

Think back to the young Sentimental Yang Mi, although the eyes are not good now, but the eyeful of Aura, Dudu inside double is very cute.

After Yang Mi's makeup gradually changed a lot, his eyes are bigger and bigger, more and more God, but accidentally saw her eye-catching double eyelid stickers. Yang Mi now no eyelid stickers seem to be on the mirror!

Obviously have a pair of nice eyes Yang Mi but also greedy, want a better look, but unfortunately only self-defeating!

User Tucao Yang Mi eyelids too prominent at the same time, but also ridicule sentence: She must be too busy, do not have time to do double-fold eyelid, otherwise it also requires double eyelid stickers ah! In fact, stars and ordinary people like us, ah, is not perfect, more or less have a little flaw, we like them and not because of a small flaw to change! You are right?