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17 people were killed! The United States has also exposed the shooting incident, the television commentator wept, and the columnist has said nothing

International 2018-02-15 16:38:53 368

According to CNN and other foreign media reports, shooting occurred again at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in the United States in the State of Flanders, Florida on the 13th. At present, 17 people were killed (previously reported as 19) and many were injured . According to statistics From the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting incident, three large-scale U.S. shootings have taken place, killing 103 and injuring 881 people. </ strong>

Unlike gunmen who shot or killed themselves in the past, the gunman was caught alive by the police. </ strong> Reportedly, the gunman named Nicholas Cruze, 19, is a student at Douglas High who was expelled for disciplinary reasons. Cruze's teacher revealed to the media that the student was a "security risk" for a long time. He was expelled not only from threats of other students at school, but also sent mail threatening schools to retaliate after the expulsion. However, the police said they did not receive the school's alarm.

After the incident, someone found a hand-held tool on his social media account in Cruze, a photo of a firearm, and knives were professional outdoor sports professional products. The guns were armed with guns and pistols. </ strong> Cruze's classmate thinks this person has the serious violent tendency, when chatting usually said that if there is a campus shooting case, then it can only be Cruze dry, did not expect this to become a reality!

According to the school's parents, this kid is extremely bad, not only carrying AR-15 rifles to school for retaliation, but also deliberately dropping a fire alarm while committing the crime to steer his classmates out of the classroom. >, The entire shooting incident lasted 10 minutes, some students posted the video when shooting the gun, many students recalled that how many guns have opened the number is not clear. Others posted a video of the SWAT entering the classroom, showing the students shaking and scared. Finally, after the boy turned on his gun, he tried to slip away from the run-away students and was fortunate enough to be caught by the police near the highway. </ strong>

From the age, Cruze is already an adult, and the death penalty system exists in Florida, so Cruze does not rule out the future will be sentenced to death, but dragged on for decades is not impossible. </ strong> And this expulsion of students into the school killings, it is difficult to prevent. Although the U.S. television commentators cried for the horrors in the analysis of the shootings, the incident did not have any substantive effect except to give the U.S. press a topic on gun control.

The New York Times used the word "speechless" to cover the incident, showing that American society has become numb for frequent shootings because all sectors of society have no control over guns at all Coordinated solution. Rex Huppke, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune newspaper in the aftermath of the newspaper's column, has already started using unconventional words and commentary to complain about the furious shootings in the United States!

He wrote: a butcher. 17 people were killed. In a high school. In the U.S. This kind of thing happened in the past, happened today, will happen in the future. </ strong> why? Because we can do nothing. You can miss and pray for the dead, but you can not talk about firearms and you can not politicize death. Can only miss and pray! Can only miss and pray! Can only miss and pray! The president just made a tweet, did not speak, they made a twitter. 17 people are dead! Can not talk about guns. This is a mental illness. Mental illness, right? Then we must go to solve the mental problems, can only say so. The shootings are not a problem in the United States. They can not talk about firearms. Demons can not be stopped. Firearms can not be condemned. </ strong> Listen to the American Gun Association how to say? The world is crazy, you need more and more guns. What can we do? Cry, shout, scream or vote? That is not as good as Arming Americans, Arming Everyone. Armed teachers, armed guards, armed principals, armed librarians ... armed children, armed bus drivers, armed nurses, armed doctors ... This is the goal of the American Gun Association. Some people say that the tougher gun control bill can not stop the deaths of 17 people. So who allows such incidents to happen frequently? 17 bodies lying on the ground, we can do nothing. There is no problem in the United States, the United States is not crazy, and the United States has no need to be stopped.