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"Feng prison phoenix" Guan Xiaotong decorated one corner, from enchanting to benevolence, acting improved a lot

Design 2018-02-15 12:10:35 43

The recent drama is still a lot, but to get a good reputation but not too much, especially the costume drama, many have become thousands of miles and the original worse, but this is the first to dare to innovate, the first attempt With some spectators are not too familiar actors, but the use of good people, "Feng prison phoenix" the cast of this drama is still very good casting, especially Guan Xiaotong.

Of course, Guan Xiaotong belong to everyone familiar actor, I heard that before the selected role of Liu Chuyu played by Yang Rong, but eventually chose Guan Xiaotong, stylist also gave her the design of a sewing machine head, from the beginning a lot of people began Tucao this drama, however, from the beginning people want to abandon drama, and now we all see the fullness of characters, see this drama for love, for family, for life and other interpretations, let the drama Get better together.

There are a lot of people began to like this character Liu Chuyu, no, specifically the role of Suzaku, this role gives a good feeling, and Song Weilong played the tolerance, take the show together, or cp sense of strong, of course, Guan Xiaotong this One person decorated corner or let everyone see the improvement and progress of acting, such as an appearance of Liu Chuyu, really enchanting, very vicious, there are a lot of motivation, but also more prudent and arrogant.

However, later Zhu Suzu pretending to be much like Liu Chuyu, and Song Weilong tolerance, and other people, are able to put a girl innocent, intelligent and tolerant, and so on, can be said that Liu Chuyu this character is very successful . Guan Xiaotong acting really improve, congratulations, she also continued to pay attention to the drama.

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