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180215 Yang Yang 2018 CCTV Spring Festival night rehearsal like a video dish inventory: amazing shape

Entertainment 2018-02-15 10:30:00 34

Love beans Zhuangao </ strong>

In 2018, Yang Yang was invited to participate in CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the third time. After several days of rehearsals, Yang Yang has now confirmed once again boarded CCTV Spring Festival evening stage, and partner Wang Kai interpretation of warm songs, "My Spring Festival My Year."

Before the start of the official stage, let us work together to review the video Yang Yang Yang participated in the row four times recently, ready for his crazy night tonight burst!

Mainstream Part 1 - </ strong>

February 3: The first time participating in CCTV Spring Festival Evening dog row </ strong>

February 3, CCTV Spring Festival Evening for the first row. Yang Yang appeared in the rehearsal scene dressed in plum printing fight color sweaters, apparel should be pretty festival, showing a fresh charm. The day Yang Yang Shun hair style slightly small hair, cute and cute.

From late January news Yang Yang will be on stage this Spring Festival evening appearance, to live in the rehearsal scene was captured live sheep, "Secretary of the Secret Service," the surprise is always caught off guard and ecstatic.

Mainstream Part 2 - </ strong>

February 5: The second time participating in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening dog row </ strong>

February 5, CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time with audience elements row. On the way to work Yang Yang wearing a mask sunglasses to cover the face is very mysterious, dressed in plaid coat conceal gentleman handsome.

End of the day the rehearsal task Yang Yang work, it is based on pure white turtleneck sweater with red dress out of the CCTV studio. The perfect ratio of tall body hold a strong hold live this ordinary people easy to produce piggy flow visual effects modeling Yang Yang, it really is reflected in the famous poem - "Peach Blossom, it is better to have you," can be said to be quite Beautiful there!

Mainstream Part 3 - </ strong>

February 11th: The third time participating in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening dog row </ strong>

February 11, Spring Festival Evening rehearsal work on the road Yang Yang blingbling lined with black denim jacket and coat, wearing a black mask, fully armed, eyes perseverance, full of gas, the proper big street out of sight.

Yang Yang dress rehearsal with that day when the get off work is put on the orange turtleneck sweater and white jacket, the prince full of style. On the face of it, really the groom married to mean.

Mainstream Part 4 - </ strong>

February 13th: fourth participation in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening dog row </ strong>

February 13, Yang Yang is still all black style appearance in the Spring Festival Evening rehearsal work class. Yang Yang, the starting lineup to participate in the last row of the Spring Festival this year, looks very good mood, anti-gross president style showed full sweet smile, distributed sunshine vitality color.

The day off work, Yang Yang still wearing a red turtleneck sweater, but this time replaced by ink blue suit jacket, wrapped in a thick coat, highlighting the fashion apart I also pay attention to keep warm. The whole set of dark and light colors have a strong contrast, walking in the crowd is eye-catching presence.

Egg Part 1 - </ strong>

Wool sharing rehearsal watch Postscript Yang Yang Chun-stage warm and warm stage </ strong>

Follow-up several times the row are with elements of the audience rehearsal, so there are wool to watch the rehearsal scene. Remanufactured wool won the rehearsal despite the provisions of the video can not be output, but also by way of text to share with you Star Trek.

In the relevant records, Yang Yang Binbin polite, handsome and immediate image that emerges in my mind, warm stage, enthusiastic interactive picture fullness!

Egg Part 2 - </ strong>

Rehearsal gap Yang Yang to accept each interview "Evgy today" very terrible </ strong>

In addition to the CCTV studio rehearsal mission, Yang Yang also accepted the media interview. Yang Yang second stage of the Spring Festival Gala, frankly familiar with the venue, the program this year, unlike the general last panicked, but somewhat more confident. Recalling the stage in the Year of the Monkey Spring Festival and Tong Tiexin chorus "father and son" experience, Yang Yang quite a lot of emotion. He shared with us the little story behind the song - home after the performance gave my father affectionate hug, the lyrics "my heart full of love, but can not say," written should be very fit such a scene It is moving.

And talk about this year's upcoming spring festival show, Yang Yang revealed for the show earlier has been privately prepared for more than two months; he also broke the news that this will also be a song of the main line of warmth may be brought back several generations People on the Spring Festival Evening memories, but also a large number of lovely children with him on the official stage. And was asked "how the rehearsal state," Yang Yang, it is generous to answer "you can", full of confidence look like seconds to change the girl worship stars eye.

△ indicates rehearsal status "OK" </ strong>

△ Memories of "father and son" performance stories </ strong>

Δ Disclose readiness and stage design </ strong>

Several times after the successful conclusion of the town, Spring Festival Gala has also been open to the public yesterday. From the exposure of the information, Yang Yang will be part of the party part-time together Wang Kai on stage for everyone to bring wonderful performances. According to rehearsal pictures, Yang Yang is likely to red turtleneck sweater with a jacket shape debut formal stage. Of course, this proficient Xiao Bian speculated that the answer remains to be tonight's official stage for us to unveil.

It is New Year's Eve night, fresh sheep will soon appear. Today is really a variety of New Year friends, everyone ready for sheep yet? From the 2018 Wu Xu Dog Spring Festival evening officially kicked off less than 12 hours, more belongs to the wonderful Yang Yang front of the stage, Xiao Bian waiting with everyone, look forward to together. I wish a happy New Year's wool, follow-up push you continue to look yo!

Yang Yang New Year wishes </ strong>

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