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Buy do not buy are the show, 2018 Let us pay tribute to the "plastic sisters flowers."

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Warning! PVC transparent material in spring and summer this year will once again swept away.

This year, if you see a variety of transparent plastic material in the streets of the windbreaker, knee boots and bags, do not be surprised. Of course, you can also catch up with this trend in advance, these products may become the history of the most waterproof, the most easy to clean a series of ~

Off-White X Jimmy Choo 2018 spring and summer joint shoes

In fact, PVC plastic as a very popular material, has repeatedly appeared in the show floor for decades. However, in the spring and summer fashion week 18, they seem to agree about the general, in a menacing manner occupied the commanding height.

Replacing the rage of rubber clothes, PVC with a very futuristic texture and changing the structure of cut, transformed into the most fashionable material. After all, not only allows you to go out in the rainy day wantonly jump, but also can maintain avant-garde fashion at a single product, and rare.

As early as 1989, Martin Margiela opened plastic boots on the debut of his own label, Maison Martin Margiela, and appeared frequently in later designs.

In Chanel spring and summer of 2018 series, transparent PVC material is the absolute protagonist. A variety of transparent bags, boots, jackets, hats, cape raincoats, gloves gradually emerge.

Classic tweed fabric suit, with a transparent PVC hat, boots, jewelry and bags, a huge contrast brought a strong visual impact.

Simone Rocha vaguely put the transparent plastic material on the shoes, at first glance a bit like the rubber shoes we used to wear when they were young, but they are designers plus brand characteristics in the girl atmosphere, flower pearls surrounded by lace, very lovely.

But to say PVC's red this year, thanks to the change of course of life by Martin Margiela's big show Raf Simons. Fall / Winter 2017 Fashion Week, Raf Simons at the helm Calvin Klein debut debut brought "Covered-Cover sofa" inspired by the Couch-Cover fashion, a time swept the fashion world.

Cheap plastic materials have been designed and processed, and become a piece of fashionable and unique style in the hands of designers, has been given a different vitality.

Marc Jacobs 2018 spring and summer series

Raincoat "is no longer the eye-catching novelties, Marc Jacobs, Balmain this year playing with transparent material is also very high," raincoats "," rain boots "equipment seems to say" rainy days are not afraid, I have the equipment quack " Have your own logo printed on your new clothes.

Balmain 2018 spring and summer series

PVC texture, walking is also a unique landscape. Vanguard of the fashion world has long been unable to wait for the fashionable items made of transparent plastic to put on the streets.

PVC has also become the absolute protagonist of the magazine blockbuster in recent years.

Kim young girl wearing a spring summer red coat Prada2018, for the 2-month Harper's s Bazaar shot this set of "splash water" effect cover.

The rainy girl, Delly Hotba, wrapped a transparent raincoat outside when she shot the cover of "Fashion COSMOPOLITAN."

No clear boundaries and the outline of the dim sense of diminishing, no longer so restrained, it seems that the full sense of art!

The original title: Buy do not buy are the show, 2018 Let us pay tribute to the "plastic sisters flowers."

However, back to real life, when we plastic sisters spend walking in the street, if you want to both catch up, it will not be treated as a weirdo? You urgently need these single product below!

PVC </ strong> Jacket </ strong>

Spring and summer rainy season, there is nothing more than a raincoat and stylish dress features, cool cool PVC trench coat to cool it? Pigs and pigs quickly put away your water-sweated sweater and crotch sports coat now!

1, Stripe, Dot Punch </ strong> PVC </ strong>

Over the past two years, the more popular routine is to add a layer of piping PVC outside the ordinary coat, which is simple and concise. No matter what color is used, no error will occur.

Last year, the hottest is Miu Miu this fall and winter models.

Many people remove the fur collar and wear it directly outside the jacket.

This spring and summer of this year, Assembly, Valentino and Anya Hindmarch are out of this striped piping.

Polka dot piping PVC jacket is also very good color, have different styles.

This year, you also have the option of translucent & opaque PVC jackets that come with a matte look that looks more textured than the completely transparent look.

2, Translucent PVC </ strong>

Burberry this season is all this style, covered in his flower sweater outside.

Not only white, bright color is shining bright spots.

There are fluorescent color PVC jacket, hit color with more dramatic.

3, Opaque PVC </ strong>

Non-transparent PVC there is always a sense of modernity beyond the era, more retro atmosphere.

This spring and summer, many brands out of this coat, such as Kenzo, Prada and Calvin Klein, very suitable for cool girl.

And this kind of color patchwork line beautiful section, more suitable for young fairy little fairy.


As the hottest 18-year fashion element, your bag naturally have to keep up with the trend. Whether it is PVC bag wrapped in a complete package, or just a transparent PVC bag is your choice. But remember all transparent PVC bags must pay attention to your items placed, if not careful, it will look messy oh.


Transparent material with avant-garde design sense, PVC shoes will make your style more unique. Although transparent PVC shoes will make your feet fully exposed, the advantages and disadvantages at a glance. However, good pig-footed girls do not hesitate, it is recommended that you start hurry up!

You can choose all-transparent shoes, socks, etc. with the new idea of ​​finishing ~