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can not wait anymore! I use Qualcomm Xiaolong X24 transition to 5G era today

News 2018-02-14 21:57:45 30

5G is a long way off But it looks like it's not far off, and we seem to have to wait a year or two. Everyone is looking forward to the new speed of the 5G era, but looking at today's 4G LTE. Into gigabit transmission rate of the door, in the middle of this huge gap how do we fill? 5G in addition to the phone can have any new application form? MWC this year have not opened, Qualcomm has been unable to wait to pull everyone into the 5G era.

Snapdragon X24 Modem to fill the gap

Down Xiaolong X20 Modem up to 1.2Gbps downlink rate up Xiaolan X50 Modem soared to 4.5Gbps, the gap in the middle if 5G down 4G, the user will be obviously aware of the decline in transmission quality. To smooth the transition between 4G and 5G, Qualcomm came up with the Snapdragon X24 Modem, the world's first multimode 4G LTE modem to deliver 2Gbps downlink speeds.

Xiaolong X24 compared to the X20 has several heavyweight upgrades, the first is the core chip using 7nm process, RF chip process also advanced to 14nm, to achieve a lower line width, reduce the chip area again, reduce chip cost and power consumption, While achieving higher performance. Second, Snapdragon X24 can achieve seven carrier aggregation, each carrier aggregation can achieve maximum 4 × 4 channel, from the free license spectrum, all carriers can support a total of 20 transmission data layer, according to the downlink bandwidth of each layer to 100Mbps to count , Xiaolong X24 can achieve the maximum 2Gbps downlink rate.

Qualcomm's understanding of 5G network deployment is a multi-tiered deployment under the collaboration of 4G, so not only should the applications of 5G NR sub-6GHz and ultra-high-speed millimeter wave be prepared, but also the continued expansion of existing 4Gb 4G LTE And upgrade.

Currently Qualcomm has pulled 18 operators worldwide using the Snapdragon X50 5G modem for this year's new air port mobile experiment, China's three major telecom operators in place; in the terminal, basically except Samsung Apple Huawei Other vendors are also all available in 2019 equipped with Snapdragon X50 equipment, this year may be left to Xiaolong X24 transition window.

5G stormy: edge computing services, IoT, the new empty mouth

In the core mobile phone business, Qualcomm has not forgotten to expand the field of 5G applications, continue to circle their own foothold in the future communications industry.

Qualcomm has released a brand new LTE IoT SDK to support the concurrent release of the MDM9206 LTE IoT modem. The biggest change for the MDM9206 LTE IoT modem is the direct integration of a 1.3GHz Cortex A7 CPU on which service providers can run their own custom software. In addition to giving them additional functionality to implement the MDM9206 modem, such as GNSS satellite navigation, Qualcomm did its utmost to benefit from the need to eliminate the need for external microcontrollers, reduce deployment costs and improve device life and security. The MDM9206 LTE IoT Modem in commercial / industrial IoT field can play its greatest use.

However, IoT deployment, maintenance problems escalating one after another. To this end Qualcomm proposed a new concept of service called unlimited edge services. This suite of software services addresses the needs of enterprise and industrial IoT customers in the configuration management of their IoT-rich appliances through cloud platforms: plug-and-play device adaptation, OTA feature activation, emergency and routine upgrades, Third-party service support. In other words, with unlimited edge services, Qualcomm will continue to provide service providers with multiple diagnostics, adjustments, end-of-service and end-of-life measures after the chip is sold out and after the equipment is deployed and the entire IoT service system is up and running. Optimize, upgrade, enhance the performance of its chips in terms of security and performance.

Finally, Qualcomm also disclosed the next phase of the roadmap for the development of 5G new air interface. In 3GPP Release 16 and its subsequent evolution, the new 5G air interface will support spectrum sharing technology. This is exactly how the Snapdragon X24 uses the license-free spectrum Rushed to the key of 2Gbps transmission rate, the effective utilization of unlicensed spectrum and shared spectrum will significantly improve network capacity and user throughput. In addition, Qualcomm also offers sub-millisecond latency, 5G new-air, ultra-reliable, low-latency communications for industrial IoT private 5G networks and C-V2X networking to meet the precise command and control of factory automation and auto-driving Borrow the intention of higher bandwidth to communicate and exchange, get higher prediction ability, and support advanced path planning.

Qualcomm wants 5G birth another industrial revolution

The first industrial revolution was driven by electricity and was initially used only for lighting. In the end, electricity became the cornerstone of modern industrial society. Qualcomm 5G is also true that the phone at 5G, the equivalent of lighting in the electricity, after leading you to complete the transition to a new era, will not produce a bad industrial assertion, but under the cover of a new life 5G Perhaps it will really begin to change.