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Honda Civic "Earth Dream Engine" dream break, this engine core has major technical flaws?

Car 2018-02-14 19:51:52 183

[Knowing how to track events] " Civic fare </ strong>" To mention a car, borrow a Honda terminal sales consultant's words: the fare increase may not be able to mention the car. You can raise the car is nothing more than that for a "Honda Earth Dream Engine", but in recent days this series of things, should make you sober, what is "arrogant and irresponsible." Honda "Earth Dream Engine" is the benchmark for quality and reliability? At home, Honda has always been known as "buying an engine to deliver a car," but the recent incident of oil spikes hurled a sigh of relief to Honda. This time, Honda not only said it was bought an engine and delivered it. </ Strong> The recent quality problems again and again, gasoline and oil appeared chaos, and Dongfeng Honda's two main rifles, Honda CR-V from reliable quality models to the "brake door" "throttle" incident broke, and as another Two pillar is no exception deep "engine throttle" because the problem is that they jointly carry the 1.5T Honda engine, earlier Dongfeng Honda CR-V owners have been ignored, from Civic is also deep It is not hard to see the "throttle", the situation is very serious. Under pressure to recall, "Honda Motor announced on February 12 that it will recall about 350,000 vehicles in China to solve the engine problems in cold weather and to calm down the complaints the automaker suffered over the past month. "This is a service-oriented attitude of consumers? How is the factory? But as we squeezed to raise such a "problem car" worth our ordinary consumers to think?

In the eyes of many ordinary consumers, cars act as transportation tools and act as necessary tools for our travels. They all say that we can find a sense of security at home. As the home of our mobility, the car seems to be our primary concern. For a white-collar youth, save enough for 150,000 car models really not easy. Concerned about a car, concerned about what the so-called sales? Is not it? More concerned about user reputation and product quality, safety seems to be the top priority. Recently, we learned from the major car complaints website, we are very respected Honda Civic sedan actually ranked in the top of the compact class sedan, from the current trend, the possibility of spread is very large, large-scale exposure of its problems Is the time problem? The sales proved Honda leather own reliability side. Among them, the "engine" event protagonist CR-V in January this year, selling sales of 17,093 units, and last December fell 24.8% qoq.

In the third-party vehicle quality evaluation platform car quality online, Honda Department of products have reduced the proliferation of quality problems, the fifth generation of Dongfeng Honda CR-V user satisfaction has dropped 1.7 points (out of 5 points), 2017 models were connected Up to 1646 complaints, including a whopping 986 complaints about oil and 172 complaints about oil emulsification, the Coca-Cola 2.0L hybrid system, in addition to the 240TURBO model with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, Version and other hybrid models also began to appear the phenomenon of oil emulsification. In the meantime, the fifth-generation Dongfeng Honda CR-V ranked third in the list of complaints in the past year with the total number of 1176 complaints, only 137 different from the number one ranked the first. The tenth generation Civic of the same powertrain as the CR-V also received 540 complaints.

In the past in January 2018, Honda two hot models have entered the list top position, the unity of the 1.5T engine them, CR-V is now the subject of questioning, sales plummet, and Honda Civic and CR- V have the same problem has also been burst out, or sentence, the paper bag does not live in fire, in fact, the problem from the Honda CR-V, is the common problem of earth dream engine. Since mid-January, users of the Honda CR-V and Civic have expressed their dissatisfaction with the vehicle's problems because of the "oil" incident via Twitter and other platforms. In some areas, a large number of Civic owners have blocked dealers to safeguard their rights.

The entire "Honda Earth Dream" fuse that involves more than "350,000" recalls </ strong>

In fact, the fuse of the whole incident lies in the following: Since entering the winter this year, due to the dilution of gasoline in the new CR-V model equipped with a 1.5T engine in the cold northern areas, frequent engine oil level rises followed by the same engine Civic, Jed and other models have also been released appeared the same situation. At the moment, the most serious is the Honda Civic </ strong>. The official statement will recall the CR-V SUV models equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine and the Honda Civic, the main reason for the recall is that these models have abnormal abnormalities in the oil level.

When the oil exceeds the gauge limit of 31mm, oil pressure fluctuations, PCV channel is blocked, can not guarantee the engine skills. Judging from the relationship between the dilution rate of gasoline and the amount of oil increase, it is no problem to increase the functional guarantee within 30mm. Warning lights exceeding 21mm may warn. To this end, Dongfeng Honda plans to upgrade the 1.5T engine ECU to achieve the timing of fuel injection to speed up both after the start of ENG temperature rise speed, the implementation of ignition time, ENG number of amendments to curb the increase in hydraulic oil pressure, At the same time, promote the blending of gasoline components as soon as possible and burn again. It is learned that Dongfeng Honda may recall about 350,000 vehicles in the near future, revealing that "we are still trying hard to determine the exact number of vehicles affected." That is, there are more than "<350,000> </ strong> vehicles currently involved in problem vehicles. ".

AQSIQ Initiate Defect Survey </ strong>

February 8, "know the road to the car" was informed that the AQSIQ has started a defect investigation of the Dongfeng Honda CR-V models of some vehicles increased oil problem. AQSIQ said the defect product management center recently received a large number of defects submitted by consumers regarding the increase of oil in some vehicles of the CR-V model of Dongfeng Honda and monitored a large number of media reports on relevant situations. Law Enforcement Division of AQSIQ attaches great importance to this, and immediately organize the Bureau of defective product management center to initiate a defect investigation of the issue.

China's First High-profile Rejection, " Interview with Provincial Consumer Association </ strong>"

Just a week before the AQSIQ investigation started, Dongfeng Honda's factory just rejected the provincial consumer association's interview. According to Henan Consumers Association introduced, they recently received a large number of owners on CRV oil increased complaints, and in a few days ago issued a letter of intent to Dongfeng Honda manufacturers, but the other refused to accept. Consumers Association said that such cases are the first time.

Understand the road learned that the Henan Provincial Consumers Association Complaints Department Li Hansheng said in public, at present, Dongfeng Honda manufacturers service desk that does not receive interviews, and the total station to provide Consumers Association can not be connected to the phone state. February 5 at 9 am they once again by e-mail to the other sent an appointment to discuss the letter, if Dongfeng Honda still do not receive, do not reply, Henan Province Consumers Association will hold a press briefing and release consumer alerts, as soon as possible to help consumer spending Solve the problem. In this regard, Henan Consumers Association made it clear that it will retain the rights of public interest litigation.

Non-Excessive Oil Increase but Wide Range </ strong>

Dongfeng Honda Vice Minister of Quality, Sagawa Taizu said at the communication meeting, the current existence of the oil level rise and temperature have a certain relationship, affected by the oil temperature, the oil level in winter increased in summer to reduce the year is not deteriorated The phenomenon. The 2017 CR-V is equipped with a 1.5T direct-injection turbocharged engine. During the compression of the engine, a portion of the gasoline adhering to the inner wall of the cylinder will enter the oil tank under pressure. As the engine runs, the temperature of the oil rises, and this portion of the gas evaporates and enters the combustion chamber to be burned again for emission. However, if the temperature of the oil is low, the volatilization of gasoline will cause some of the gasoline to remain in the oil, causing the oil level to rise. According to Sagawa Thai three disclosed that the same 1.5T engine Civic also received a complaint </ strong>, but the proportion is much lower than the CR-V, the relevant reasons manufacturers are also related research.

At present, Dongfeng Honda's "consumer appeasement program" is to provide free replacement of oil and filter to vehicles with the oil level exceeding the upper limit of oil dipstick 30mm and to strive to provide the fundamental before the Spring Festival of 2018 (February 16) solution. As Dongfeng Honda said no more than 30mm is normal, the current part of the 4S shop has been strictly in accordance with the implementation of this standard, no more than 30mm of the vehicle is no longer free replacement of oil, and consumption did not pay earlier. Now intensified relations.

Brush ECU, change scale, recall manual is a three-pronged solution of Dongfeng Honda </ strong>

In this regard, February 2, Dongfeng Honda official statement said that admitting its 1.5L turbocharged engine models appear "oil level rise" on the emergence of "oil level rise" several best-selling models to be extended warranty . Honda to February 2, 2018, "Statement" "comfort" car owners slightly restless, immediately on the 12th as about 1.5T engine oil increase and the issue of oil emulsification and the official solution to the problem, "the report of the accident" effect as follows:

1, Dongfeng Honda admit 1.5T engine oil dilution led to the problem of increased oil.

2, Dongfeng Honda initially found the reason for the problem, through the experiment explained the mechanism of fuel dilution and oil emulsification.

3, through experiments, prove that the oil level above the line within 30 millimeters will not cause poor performance of the engine, but the fault lights need to be as soon as possible to the 4S maintenance; dismantling through the complaint car, high speed condition durability test after dismantling the engine Did not find the engine wear and damage.

4, clearly put forward solutions. CR-V and Civic were started recalling CR-V and Civic respectively in the end of February and the beginning of March. By updating the ECU, the timing of fuel injection was modified to help the engine speed up the water temperature and oil temperature after starting and to correct the engine speed to restrain the oil level increase, Mix the gasoline components as soon as possible to evaporate, reduce the problem of oil increase by burning again.

However, for the above reply made by Dongfeng Honda, most CR-V owners are obviously not satisfied.

Dongfeng Honda for the abnormal increase in the explanation of oil, there are many doubts. For example, Dongfeng Honda said that the gasoline into the tank, and lead to the oil level rise, the use of vehicles will not have any impact, in many engines have a similar situation. In this regard, the Beijing News reporter interviewed a car after-sales technical director. Official response, the engine "burn oil" situation is very common, but the problem of increased oil is rare. In addition, whether it is gasoline, water or other liquids into the oil, if not resolved in time will have an impact on the engine may cause engine wear and tear and so on.

At the same time, Dongfeng Honda said that in the oil dip limit increased by 30mm is no problem, but once you have to change the oil. In response, the technical director pointed out that gasoline into the tank will dilute the oil, affecting the lubricating oil on the engine. "If there is a lot of gasoline in the tank, the engine will have a severe jitter and the faulty lamp will alarm." In addition, the reporter found in CR-V's vehicle manual that one of the instructions for using engine oil Note: Excessive engine oil can cause leaks and engine damage.

At the same time in the much-anticipated ECU upgrade content, Dongfeng Honda response to upgrade mainly includes two points, the first is the engine injection timing correction; the second is to speed up the engine after the oil temperature rise speed, the implementation of ignition time, engine speed Correction, inhibit the increase of oil level. At the same time, to promote mixing of gasoline components volatile as soon as possible, again burning. From the consumer side of the reaction point of view, Dongfeng Honda announced yesterday night the solution has not been recognized.

From the point of view of communication meetings, there are four questions to know about car ownership: </ strong>

The first question: Dongfeng Honda still do not recognize its engine defective, according to their own statement, the engine does not appear wear and damage, it means that the "throttle" in the vehicle and there is no quality problem, why do you hit Face before the engine extension policy to launch?

The second question: And all the cars on the market, the fifth generation of Dongfeng Honda CR-V owner's manual is very clear on the label carrying the amount of oil not overrun, more than 30mm oil level , No matter what kind of calculation method, should be counted in the "overrun" within the scope, in here how is the temperature caused. Since the upper limit of oil to about 30mm does not appear when the engine dysfunction, "followed by stressing that" the liquid level exceeds the upper limit of 21mm may be misfiring. From the attitude of Dongfeng Honda to analyze, lack of fire does not belong to the engine "dysfunction" range, it should be the engine quality problems.

The third question: The reference to the provisions of Article 20 of the Three Guarantees Ordinance: engine, transmission total replacement 2 times, or engine, transmission of the same main parts because of their quality problems, the cumulative replacement of 2 times, still can not be used normally Can request a car, so that the rescue market, said CR-V or Civic and other East-car models using 1.5T engine after 3 "lack of fire" can be required within the validity of the Three Guarantees to get rid of the vehicle, you know Tell me what? We must actively safeguard our own rights and interests.

Knowing how to track the road when the car, Henan Dongfeng Honda owners in Zhengzhou and Xinxiang 4S shop collective rights, to resist the manufacturer to extend the repair policy, requiring change of engine or return. Qiqihar CR-V owners organize rights team, posted on the car, "refund a refund." During this period, due to the dissatisfaction with Dongfeng Honda's response, whether it is the AQSIQ area or related car sites, CR-V owners received complaints from the media are gradually increasing cases, while in Jilin, Changchun and other places also appeared CR -V owners 4S shop rights event. Some rights advocates said they will not get any good solutions until the Spring Festival, and "3.15" will continue to advocate safeguarding rights. And Civic is about to be collective complaints and activists. To some extent, behind the "engine throttle" fully reflects the system lag Dongfeng Honda construction lags behind, especially the quality control system and after-sales service system is imperfect. For the upcoming choice Civic and CR-V's friends, think twice. Not just the car's problem, but the attitude of the service. When one day a problem, there is no responsible person to you to solve, you know "regret" word. </ strong> (Figure: source network; text: Wang Bin Luo Tao Huang Zhenyu editor)