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Man can mention pen world, can be launched martial arts - Datang Pei Hang fry

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In the early period of the Tang Dynasty, it was possible to calm down the world quickly and expand the territory of the tens of millions of miles. It was inseparable from the political conception of Emperor Taizong as "a king of the four seas as a sea of ​​all age and as a prince." However, In order to win the triumph of the Tang Dynasty.

Tens of thousands of famous people rise in the early Tang Dynasty, all brave and fierce combat, both civil and military, many people can be regarded as "Wen mention pen world, can be launched martial arts."

Pei Xing Jian is one: Pei Hang fry, keep the word, Jiangzhou smell happy, Pei Renji second son. In the Zhenguan years to participate in the Mingjingzhongzhong, was appointed Zuotun Wei Kang Causeng army, Anxi all protection positions, in the DPRK also created a long list of surname calendar, etc., after the army led the Western Regions, Turkic remnants.

In ancient times, "writing" can be divided into two aspects, one refers to literary accomplishments, Cao Zhi seven steps into poetry is the case; two refers to the ability to govern the country, is "for the pen to mention pen world." "Wu" can also be divided into two aspects. One refers to the value of force that can be charged in the war. For example, Datang Xueren Guiyong's three arrows set the Tianshan Mountains. The second refers to Sun Tzu Sun Burling, the military strategist of the Warring States Period.

Pei Xingjian in both performance are impeccable, as North Korea served as assistant minister during the ceremony, and Li Jing Xuan et al. Also the first name of the surname calendar list, cited Civil and other civil legislation Quan election, affect future generations elected professor system. Pei Xingjian is also good at cursive cursive, official script, is a famous calligrapher, who wrote for the Tang Emperor Li Zhi "Zhao Ming anthologies."

Among the "Wu" characters, Pei Xingjian was born a generals family, his father Pei Renji "less Xiao Wu, bow", his elder brother Peiyan Yan is the prototype of Pei Yuanqing novels, known as "million enemy", although there is no clear Historical records of its force, but not bad.

As for the leader, he was appraised as a member of the ZuoCun WeiChangChang for his participation in the MingJingKe examination. This shows that the military self-employed, but also solitary army never went into force without the use of force, it seizes the rebel Megatron Western Regions, so Tang Gaozong named Ritual Shang Shuji and Check Wei Wei, while serving as civil and military positions.