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Prince HIFIMAN R2R2000, February 18 appointment opened strongly

Social 2018-02-14 15:03:18 12

Spring is coming, HIFIMAN wish you a happy New Year, all the best!

At 10:00 on the morning of February 18 (Sunday, New Year's Eve), HIFIMAN prince R2R2000 appointment channel opens. Prepaid 3000 yuan, you can book a new flagship.

For more information, please visit HIFIMAN website → http: //www.hifiman.cn/products/detail/261

First, the old user HM801 redemption

Use the HM801 redemption R2R2000 only 10,000 yuan

(HM801 discount 5800 yuan recycling, PCM1704K chips back to buy R2R2000 this machine)

Second, direct booking purchase

Pricing 15,800 yuan (RE2000, HM901 series, HE1000 series, SUSVARA, EF6 users, provide proof of purchase can enjoy priority delivery)

※ RE2000 user exclusive benefits

Purchased RE2000 users, with effective purchase vouchers, eligible to enjoy 3000 yuan discount. HM801 redemption user, if purchased RE2000 and eligible, can also enjoy this offer.

※ reservation to send gifts

February 18 - March 18 Appointment and final payment in full, regardless of redemption or direct purchase, will receive a RE800 silver version of a.

Upon receipt of your booking order, HIFIMAN customer service will contact you as soon as the February 22 closing date to verify the redemption or booking purchase information, and you are requested to pay the balance. According to the order of orders, R2R2000 will be shipped in March and April of this year.

(In order to repay fans, users who have purchased RE2000, HM901 series, HE1000 series, SUSVARA, EF6 products will give priority to delivery, thank you for your understanding and support.)