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China short track speed skating within 4 hours actually fined missed the women's 500 meters final

Sports 2018-02-13 21:24:00 13

Today, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics short track skating race entered the second day today. Incredibly, in half an hour, the Chinese team suffered four times in dispute. In the women's 500 meters semi-final, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu both out. Men's 1,000-meter preliminaries, Ren Wei and Han Tianyu has also been fouled, missed the cut, the Chinese team coach Li Yan angry leave.

Caption: Fan Kexin (left) Network map in the game </ em>

Men's 1000 meters preliminaries, Ren Zwee Wei in the fourth group, after the start of the race, Ren Ziwei took the initiative to grab the first race left 6 laps, the Dutch player Kao Gegett surpassed the first, then the Latvian strong surpass Ren Wei , Pushed him behind. The last lap, Ren Ziwei while the top two players competing for grab the occasion again grab the position. However, after looking back at the video, the referee eventually fined Ren Ziwei to turn the corner and eliminated him.

Caption: Ren Weiwei Fouled Network Diagram </ em>

And this is just the beginning of the bad race for the China Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team.

Then in the sixth group, Han Tianyu played. Han Tianyu grabbed the first three laps, and suppressed the line, as a group of first line, but then was fouled. From the slow-motion point of view, Han Tianyu and Ren Zweifang both physically collide, but there is no obvious Han Tianyu foul play. Han Tianyu was disqualified, the coach Li Yan angrily exit.

Caption: Qu Chunyu was knocked down by a Canadian player Network Map </ em>

Women's 500 meters is the trump card of the Chinese team, from 2002 to 2014, to achieve the project's winter Olympic four consecutive years. This time, Fan Kexin and Qu Chunyu qualify for the semi-finals. Fan Kexin in the first group, and South Korea's Cui Minjing group, the result was also fouled. Fan Kexin is very eager for this gold medal, the interview after the game when the voice has choked, eyes tear. Fan said the new, especially particularly into the final, take this Olympic gold medal for the Chinese team to achieve five consecutive years.

Qu Chunyu second appearances in the semifinals, ranked third after starting, followed by contention by the Canadian players Golden Cupid encountered, Qu Spring rain was knocked out of the track. After the referee, Qu Chunyu was sentenced to foul, she cried after the game makes people feel bad. Qu Chun Yu said that he did not feel foul. (Xinmin Evening News correspondent Hua Xin Yi)