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Cross-border electricity supplier sellers business success at the beginning, before the sale you considered this 9:00?

Technology 2018-02-13 18:02:26 6

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The rapid development of e-commerce has attracted many sellers active in the platform. Many sellers believe that the platform determines the success of the business. But in fact the success of e-commerce business depends on the seller's initial planning stage. Therefore, if the seller considers to enter the field of e-commerce, it is recommended to prioritize the following practices before choosing e-commerce platform or ERP system:

1, the sale of products can be quickly delivered

Now consumers expect e-commerce sellers to fulfill orders accurately and deliver quickly. Sellers can not sell products that take three weeks to deliver online, and should consider products that can be delivered within two days or sold on the same day.

2, the sale of stock products

If the seller sells products that are not in stock or need to be assembled, the delivery speed will be affected. On the contrary, the sale of SKUs with high inventory and high demand, though it can not guarantee huge profits for sellers, is indeed a good product for opening e-commerce sales.

3, sales have been selling very good products

Selling sellers by selling them is a quick way for sellers to make a profit. Sellers selling products on the platform pay a monthly or annual fee, so make the most of the platform to get themselves involved with the already sold products.

4, sales of consumer search products

Ecommerce platforms generally provide search functionality, and sellers can tap into data to see what users searched for and when they visited the store.

5, sales of light-weight products

Consumers want products to be delivered on a package, so if sellers decide to cater to consumers and offer free shipping, then shipping can be reduced by selling lightweight products. Therefore, when sellers assess the product SKU, you can consider filtering some heavier products.

6, sales of the same shape of the product

The seller sells the best products have the same shape, so that you can order the same size package, reduce packaging costs.

7, sales of high-profit products

The cost of opening an e-commerce business, such as platform fees, shipping fees, etc. So sellers can consider selling higher-margin products to make up for increased costs.

8, cross-selling related products

If the seller sells consumer electronics products, then the data cables and other accessories are related products that the seller can cross-promote. Cross-selling related products, can increase the average value of e-commerce orders.

9, concerned about the sale

The seller can recommend the relevant product in the follow-up email after the buyer confirms the delivery of the order. To provide quality after-sales service is conducive to the establishment of a loyal customer base. (Compile / Hugo network Fang Ling)