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Opening Ceremony | The 2nd Asian Art Biennale was grandly opened in Hong Kong Central Library

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Organized by Interstellar Asian Artists Association and Guangzhou University Creative Arts Research Center, the 2nd Asia Art Biennale hosted by Asia Pacific International Oil Painters' Association, Chaoshan Watercolor School, Zhongshan Sanlian Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and China Ink Painting Institute in 2018 March 11 at 3 pm at the Hong Kong Central Library grand opening. A total of 280 outstanding works from 433 award-winning and selected works were exhibited at the Central Library Exhibition Hall.

Opening ceremony leaders, guests and organizing committee members photo

Professor Wang Xiao Shu, Executive Director of the 2nd Asian Art Biennale, delivered an opening speech

Deputy Director of the Second Asian Art Biennale Organizing Committee, Chief Editor Dr. Luo Zhangcai delivered a speech

Professor Huang Jiasheng, director of Fine Arts Department of Taichung University of Education in Taiwan made a speech

Professor Mai Yaoming, chairman of Japan Chinese Artists Association, delivered a speech

Prof. Shen Ping, Chairman of HKAPA delivered a speech

Mr. Lin Yiqi, Chairman of Interstellar Asian Artists Association concludes his speech

Award ceremony

Xie Jian, Executive Vice President of Chinese Ink Painting Institute, and Mr. Lin Yiqi, Star Asian Artists Association, presented the award for gold medalist in Hongyan, D.TJANDRA KIRANA (Indonesia)

Professor Huang Jiasheng, Director of Department of Fine Arts, Taichung University of Education, Taiwan, and Dr. Luo Zhangcai, Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific International Oil Painters Association, awarded Silver Award Winners Liu Qiyi and Guan Qi

Professor Wang Xiao Shu, Director of Art Creation Research Center, Guangzhou University, Mr. Yu Yuankang, Chairman of the Board of Asian Art Foundation, presented bronze medal awards to Li Jian and Yu Hansheng

Vice Chairman Yu Shijian of Interstellar Asian Artists Association and Vice Chairman Yang Qinglong as Award Winners for the Excellence Award Lin Junsheng and Huang Xiyue


Professor Chen Xiangbing chaired the second Asian Art Biennale Symposium

The 2nd Asian Art Biennale Symposium site

The 2nd Asian Art Biennale Opening Ceremony

The 2nd Asian Art Biennale Opening Ceremony

The 2nd Asian Art Biennale Opening Ceremony