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Students claim to keep receiving Satan painting alarmed embassy! The result is actually ...

Other 2018-02-13 15:11:20 26

In the near </ strong> day, a Chinese female student in Germany exposed her apartment online and received jokes stitching strangely from behind the door and claimed that had moved from Dussehra To Frankfurt </ strong>, this "supernatural event" did not stop. At present, this incident is strongly concerned among Chinese netizens.

Earlier, the foreign student's readiness on social media was as follows:

The female student, who lived in Dusseldorf, Germany some time ago, sewed a piece of paper from her home someday, painted a weird pattern </ strong>, and was lightly knocked on every night early in the evening Home, </ strong>, girls did not see people through cat's eyes, and everything in the doorway was missing.

On the night of February 8, the incident claimed that because of fear, the friend's home that went to Frankfurt with friends went through another incident of "knocking on the door" in the wee hours of the morning. Friends see through the cat's eye two black people, who are similar to sheep and other religious landmark hanging, and hear abnormal sound, the two are very scared.

Due to the receipt of the paper again after dawn, the victim claimed that had sought help from the local police. </ Strong> However, the police responded that it was a prank or intimidation of an enemy.

The victim appealed the incident to several well-known accounts on Weibo, reprinting more than 100,000 times in less than four days, and from a review point of view, the incident was already causing panic. </ Strong>

Difficulties, compatriots, enthusiastic users are also Weapon </ strong>.

Some netizens suspect that this incident should be related to the "strong> cult" Satanism. "</ Strong> "Satanism" refers to the denomination of Satan as the center of faith. Since Satan has been an incarnation of evil since the Middle Ages, the controversy of this religion is greater and is regarded by most as a cult. Over the years, Satanism has shown in people's minds that "it is an out evil cult to drink and drink blood and kill children to hold sacrificial ceremonies."

Therefore, many Internet users think that po is targeted by Satanism as a sacrificial offering. </ Strong>

There are also netizens and analysts who question the authenticity of cards received by the victim </ strong> and believe that the victim is hype </ strong> to focus attention.

However, there are also foreign students who live in Germany and give different views on the matter.

"I read the report, some said it was spoof, I do not know the truth </ strong>, but all the German households are going to be an advanced door in order to enter the tenant's building, if someone early in the morning When the door is knocked, who opens the door? Also from the picture point of view, the English style is very much like the Chinese hand. "

In addition, according to well-known Chinese local social media analysis said:

"In Germany, it is not possible for strangers to enter the apartment building in two consecutive places, especially in the large cities of Düsse and Frankfurt, where the victim is involved. In addition, the first time "It is also worth considering thinking that there is no alarm or notification to the local social media or the Chinese community for help, choosing to contribute something to the humorous social media across the ocean </ strong>."

However, the German embassy in Berlin also recently issued a statement: "Some students in western Dussewhere reflected the receipt of an unidentified source leaflet. According to preliminary understanding, have not yet found a poster, and the police did not report the case." / strong> "

And then, according to the Communist Youth League Central Weibo news, the so-called "German students encounter Satanism incident," party @ Detp apologized: just a momentary prank! </ strong>

After the truth was announced, @ Detplus closed the comment on the news. However, tens of thousands of users express unacceptable </ strong> on various platforms.

The students from Dortmund University of Technology in Germany said: "Yesterday many foreign students turned around. Everyone found it rather scary."

When I heard that the girls were said to be mischief </ strong>, Liang Wenjie said it was unacceptable. "The impact was too great." At the same time, she also forwarded the @Detplus microblogging, "I hope all friends can restore calm as soon as possible."

Up to now, there is no further conclusion about the "prank" which has shocked the embassy. However, the nature of such "wolf" incidents is neither strong nor malicious. And the consequences are undoubtedly pretty bad </ strong>, and the unavoidable harm that this event will have to the credibility of the international student community.

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