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In Harbin, there is a Russian manor, to meet the children's childhood fantasy

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As China's most romantic winter snow city, Harbin is like a beautiful woman, Andersen fairy tale castle, snow, wooden house, forest ... ... everything and beautiful things can be found here. On the banks of the Ash River in Volga Manor, Harbin, there is a farmhouse called Alona, ​​also known as Three Bear Parks, which are known only to children's minds.

Three cubs placed in front of the house so that people unconsciously hum the "Three Cubs" children's songs: "There are three cubs live together, bear bears bear mother bear baby, bear father fat, Bear mother is very slim, bear Baby is cute. "

Alona farmhouse is a pure Russian folk farmhouse, whether indoor architectural style or table furnishings are exudes a rich exotic. And to see the huge indoor fireplace can not help but think of the hero of the "Wuthering Heights" Heathcliff from the cold back to the tragic scene of sitting in the fire in front of the fireplace. Children come here not only to feel the pure Russian style, but also a deep understanding of the cultural background of the famous European.

Russian aunt in the room personally hand-painted a symbol of Russia's handicraft "maid."

Russian matryoshons first appeared in the 1890s. At that time, the painter Ma Lulinqin saw a set of Japanese seven blessing of God's toy, the most outside is a bald birthday, which is set with seven statues, inspired by him, designed a set of toys, artisans personally made his own painting, the initial shape is a The girl sets a young man, sets a girl, and finally a baby.

Original design of the doll was originally designed to make children happy, a doll in a doll, there are always hidden in the fresh doll, doll's fun won the children's favorite. Today, the material of the matryoshkin is derived from the fairy tale world to historical figures and daily life.

Painted sets of dolls in full compliance with the children at this stage of the law of development, ability and imaginative rich hands-on winter weekend with children experience doll production for them both full of fun as well as challenging.

Children listen attentively in class.

Afternoon sun exudes a lazy spirit, two kittens sitting in front of the log cabin to enjoy the sunbathing comfortably.

Children who do not like to move around can opt for an outdoor project. The snow seems to be in tune with the crowds of children, making the entire fairytale world lively and lively.

Pixar animation favorite snow world with children on behalf of the pure heart, tree hanging, ice Every winter elements are vividly demonstrated in the animation, see the winter scene even suspect the ice and snow in the Pixar movie come from the distant China Harbin .

Winter in Harbin, how could less ice sculpture it, the curious children of the unknown world in the face of elegant and quiet world of ice and snow can not help but stop to enjoy this rare landscape.

In the Volga manor, visitors can see a variety of beautiful buildings, not only the reconstructed Nicholas Church, but also some of the old buildings that have disappeared in Russia, such as Pavlov Castle, Orlov Room, St. Petersburg fishing village, as if history at this moment solidified.

Children walk into the winter Volga Manor, all kinds of exquisite Russian architecture, the castle stands quietly in the sparkling snow, what can be so close to the hearts of childhood paradise it?

There are many such beautiful European sculptures in the manor.

There are many birch forests in the northeast, especially under the winter day full of quiet serenity.

Volga manor is also an art gallery, in the manor there are beautiful sculptures and paintings, by the children's favorite.

Here is an exquisite bridge of Sino-Russian cultural exchange.

The splendid palaces became the maze in the eyes of the children.

At the Volga Manor, children have the opportunity to learn western etiquette and enjoy the culinary culture of Russia.

The little warriors, under the leadership of the Russian aunt, are studying the production of Russian salads.

At the same time as dinner, children can admire the wonderful performances of Russian friends in Volga Manor.

At Volga Manor, children can experience different forms of culture from the subtle and restrained Eastern art, learn Russian etiquette and dance Russian dance, and spend a wonderful time with their little friends in the beautiful and exquisite exotic atmosphere.

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