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Art | 2018 Spring Festival - Zhang Ming exhibition

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Zhang Ming

Zhang Ming </ strong>

Word Shu Zen, son source, Jin Yuzu by Shandong, now living in Beijing. Painter, art critic, poet. Graduated from Anhui Fuyang Teachers College Art Department. Peking University visiting scholar, under the guidance of Peking University famous Chinese aesthetics Yelang, Yang Xin, Luo Zheng and so on. As early as 1992, it planned the international academic activities of painting and calligraphy and became famous in the world of art. He curated and edited more than 20 giant volumes such as "International Modern Calligraphy Collection" and "20th Century International Fine Arts Collection", opening the first of its kind in international academic research and sensationalizing the international art scene. His calligraphy and painting works and papers, poetry, won numerous awards at home and abroad.

Zhang Ming works

Mr. Zhang Ming draws a bird's head painting for the freehand, painstakingly studies Chinese and foreign aesthetics, philosophy, madness art, and his calligraphic calligraphy.

Dacheng Master set ancient and modern, have their own style! In the past 30 years, he has enjoyed a total cultivation of art, books, paintings, poetry, printing, printing, and complement each other and complement each other.

His painting has an old spicy stone taste, and impressively writing meaning, and relive wonderful humanity, freehand mood. View on the flowers and birds painting, a "return to the muddy" of the territory, throwing his brow, the concept of painting, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoist philosophy in a furnace.

Zhang Ming calligraphy and painting fit the ancients at the core of the arts: "Emotional precepts, will dominate the meaning of yang, Suyin miserable, almost love the heart of nature!" The "painting in the poem, poems like elephants Outside the intention, accidental interest, interest in the students "! Beautiful world of the United States.

The lotus map, there is a Zen, free valley Footy ethereal Youxian "meditation" repair, but also expressed the artist himself, the ideal of humanity, this is: "out of the mud without dyeing, 濯 clear lotus without demon, in the Straight out straight, not sticks not sticks, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Ting Ting net planting, can not be obscene long-term perspective.

The painting symbolizes the artist's noble character and personality, and at the same time, he paints an insight into the painter's noble preeminence and dedication of "painstaking efforts to create an already unpredictable rain cover and a still remaining proud of the branch."

In the current cultural context, as a poet, art theorist, cursive, big painter Mr. Zhang Ming, standing on the height of Chinese humanistic spirit, put it into practice, practice "text to load", with Spring Snow " Spirit "calls for the return and sublimation of the humanistic spirit!

Through Mr. Zhang Ming's brilliant, harmonious and pictorial harmony, we can see that the painter's comprehensive cultivation and the deep ideological depth of his hometown, the height of his vision and the cultural visionaries and thinkers' Deep Suiwen context and lofty realm!

"Book of Changes" in the saying: "As far as the astronomy, to observe the change of time, the concept of humanity, in order to become the world." "Heart in the brocade, painted more dexterity!"

Our optimistic outlook on Mr. Zhang Ming's artistic future is brilliant and splendid. We believe that under the inspiration of Mr. Zhang Ming, who dedicated himself to the humanistic and artistic spirit, the spirit of Chinese arts and the arts will be independent of the world cultural context! And lead the world culture, resulting in linkage, "Humanistic Carnival" of the "compound effect" "the winds and waves will sometimes.

Straight hanging cloud sail sea! "May Zhang Ming evergreen tree of art! May Mr. Zhang Ming's art work," the wind creamed a pool of spring water. "

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