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AMD dedicated bar and have a fire? The H110 platform can actually be the perfect use

Digital 2018-02-12 21:52:08 7

A few days ago into the two 8G AMD dedicated bar is DDR3 1600MHz, although workmanship can not be compared with the regular brand, but quite practical, the performance is not feeling weak. Although in the eyes of some people are rubbish, but in the eyes of users who like to pick up rubbish, it is still treasure. Now the memory is so expensive, willing to spend money to buy 16G memory users, after all, in fact, there are not many games to play DIY. Do not know what is going on, computer hardware prices, although some people advocate no money not to play computer, but the play had to play, who said no money can not play the computer?

A few days ago to buy the three major hardware, the processor is i3 8100, the motherboard is the Asus H110, AMD memory is two dedicated strips, add up to 16GB.

Now AMD dedicated a lot of brands, are said to be refurbished server memory disassemble made of particles.

Motherboard comparison button, only two memory slots. Do not have to think about upgrading later, in fact, this configuration there is an upgrade necessary?

At present, this set of configuration to use everything is normal, there has not been a blue screen, restart, the temperature is too high, the voltage is too high, looks like this motherboard BIOS also modified well.

The configuration used by this host, in fact, it is not cheap, then prepare the hands of the 7950 graphics installed, it is estimated that you can play some games.

Because the memory is using Mg light particles, so Master Lu measured the information, is mistaken for the magnesium light memory. Looks like this is not bad, at least better than unknown words better.

Master Lu hardware information measured, the video card is 1030, drag the hind legs performance.

CPU-Z measured memory information, you can successfully set up dual-channel, the memory frequency is 1600MHz.

AIDA64 measured memory information.

The memory of the information is still very detailed, we all know that it is AMD dedicated bar, that is, Walled like.

Memory performance, feel acceptable.

Run a few hours of memory copying software, there is no problem. Unfortunately, this kind of memory, can only be used on the motherboard such as the H110. Check some information online, only to know that you want to light, AMD dedicated each of the capacity must have 8G Caixing. We do not recommend buying here, in order to avoid rollovers.