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Open a truck to earn 30 million, this country is really amazing!

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Although a lot of old Lian, still able to eat rice. Friends ask me: Myanmar dare to go? Your car is a bit old! Why not! Pull a car coil, kill Laos salad bay. Vientiane from Yunnan in the past there are seven hundred kilometers away from Mohan 1400 square kilometers.

Let's walk, let's go, take a passport and a temporary driver's license in Laos, drive out of the country to Myanmar!

After crossing the border for more than six million Laos, the RMB exchange rate of 1: 1190 is too worthless.

Then I also helped a friend with a petrol station over there bring 170 million cash, mother, 1.7 billion, and no sleep at night.

A person driving boring ah! I saw a backpackers, he is going to Luang Prabang, by the way. Do not understand foreigners, and I am the same age, actually not married!

Not recognize the road, the navigation is not so good, people spent to map, according to this soul painting forward, I was not courageous?

Laos gas station, not bad, very clean, oil Ye Hao.

Along the way you can encounter many long-haul trucks in the United States. It is said that after the U.S.-used used cars were eliminated, they all came to Vietnam and Laos to these poor places.

Parking to eat breakfast, Laos cheaper early, anyway, is a variety of rice noodles.

Smooth discharge to the province of Gammeng, then 400 kilometers away from the salad bay bananas installed.

To the salad bay banana, to wait in front of the car first installed, I can turn the loading, near the village migrant workers come by motorcycle to work.

Laos human thief cheaper, a large group of people to line up the car, the speed is very fast.

At noon, the Lao girls loading cars are ready for lunch.

Their day is very poor, at noon to eat their own rice, food is a few root pickled bamboo shoots.

Although poor, but their smile is brilliant!

Just to catch the boss in the banana zermatt, just bought two are stew, I followed rub a meal.

Banana to the boss of Toyota Tanpi pickup, take a look at this plate, Niubi it.

Just installed bananas, God came a disappointment, under a heavy rain.

The road leading to the banana has become a pond.

Fortunately, there is a small digging machine, digging machine to let the boss over the road.

Children in the vicinity of the puddle on the road playing in the water, they play very happy, I am anxious ah!

Finally dragged finally pull out!

I did not expect to go out just long ago, in the bandit Hill encountered landslides, buddy Tianlong rushed several times before going up, my turn did not bother, immediately rushed out, the front to the good road, and bang, A drop of sound, motionless, Nima went down to see, I fuck, a small transmission shaft fell.

In this barren mountain range, the transmission shaft is broken, can only find a motorcycle with went to the city repair. Finally repaired, spent more than a day, this time did not eat anything ah!

Continue to move forward, met a coach overturned, many people dead and injured, are to visit Laos for foreign tourists.

Occasionally encountered Laos police check passport, given under general inspection, have the local traffic police tips tips, give Laos 100,000.

Like throughout Southeast Asia, Lao people particularly like Japanese cars, and second-hand Japanese cars are everywhere.

Lao people are very poor, locals are running the transport of the rich. This is a local trailer, ragged, even worse than the domestic car.

This trip a single trip, 18 days, 4300 km back and forth. The car does not engage in accidents, it is not trouble! Have another look at 30 million (Laos), my heart is still happy to drop!

Although going to Laos to drive a truck is very hard, but the income is very rich trip down, you look after card Friends want to go to Laos truck?