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Cao Cao father and son grab Yuan Shao daughter-in-law, Kongrong Ming ridicule satire eventually resorted to murder

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The death of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms period was a sensational event. We said Kong Rong was not only a celebrity at the time, but also a special identity after Confucius. Cao Cao killed a lot of virtuous people in his life, but compared to other victims Kong Rong end to be miserable. Cao Cao in addition to killing Kong Rong also killed Kong Rong wife and children, from Cao Cao exterminate the hole melted door full of cruel means to see him on Kong Rong can be said to hate the bone.

Kong Rongwenwenju, Luguo people, Confucius, twenty sons and grandchildren too. ....... Prison abandoned the city. Fifty-six when the year. His wife was punished. "Postman Han Seventy Zheng Kong Xun Biography Sixtieth" </ p>

So what is the difference between Cao Cao and Kong Rong? In fact, speaking of Cao Cao and Kong Rong did not have personal grudges, but Kong Rong Cao Cao did not think that the idea of ​​rehabilitation of the Han Dynasty so strongly and Cao operation right. During the period when Kong Rong served as North Sea, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were the most powerful princes of the time. There is a hole around the edge of a man named Zuo Chengzu who persuaded Kong Rong to make Yuan Shao or Cao Cao that the backdrop of the hole melt into anger even left Shizu executed. According to Kong Rong's performance, his hostility towards Cao Cao and Yuan Shao is very deep.

When Yuan, Cao Fangsheng, and financial nothing attached. Left Shizu, who said they are interested in seeking advice, persuasion has been accepted. Melt the information, hanbok Han, do not want the same, so angry and kill. "Postman Han Seventy Zheng Kong Xun Biography Sixtieth" </ p>

Later Yuan Shao's son Yuan Tan led his troops to attack Kong Rong, who drove away from the North Sea. At that moment, Cao Cao just met Han Xudian with Xu Han. So Cao Cao will be called in the name of the Han Emperor Xian Rong will be drafted, in the court served as less government. Obviously Cao Cao was very admired at the beginning of Kong Rong's talent so it will be admitted to his side, but Cao Cao did not think he did this move has given himself a lot of trouble.

At that time, a lot of women of Yuan Shao's family were robbed by Cao Cao. One of the most famous examples was Cao Cao's Son robbed Yuan Shao son Yuan Xi's wife Zhen's wife. Kong Rong learned to Cao Cao after the book said: "King of War King, to give thanks to Zhou Gong." Cao Cao saw Kong Rong's letter is very puzzled, he searched the historical data also did not know about the King of the Week after the King sacrificed reward to Zhou Gong's records. So Cao Cao asked Kong Rong what it called "King of War King, thanks to Zhou Gong" from which classics. Who wants Kongrong even answered: "Today's degree, of course, ear." The meaning of this sentence is to refer to the present things can be expected to have the same should be the original, where Kong Rong is obviously sarcastic Cao Cao father and son snatched Yuan Shao's wife .

Although Cao Rong Cao Cao Ming dynasty satirical but Cao Cao did not seem to have done anything wrong with Kong Rong, and later Cao Cao expedition Wuhuan Kong Rong also ridiculed Cao Cao waste of money, when the continuous fighting famine Cao Cao want to promulgated the Prohibition of wine to save grain Kong Rong also come forward to oppose Cao Cao . Whenever Cao Cao to do things both good and bad Kong Rong have stood up against him, it is because Kong Rong from the very beginning of Cao Cao positioning thief, so he was everywhere and Cao Cao right. Although Cao Cao hate the hole into the bones, but also fear the hole melt into the world, afraid to kill Kong Rong incurred the world's criticism, so at this time Cao Cao is also a joke on the hole Rong.

Cao Cao hate Kong Rong in the DPRK at that time had to eat something public, but Cao Cao can not be arbitrarily killed Kong Rong to displeasure. This gives some opportunistic villain opportunities. Censor doctor was aware of the meaning of Cao Cao to kill the hole melt, and he had and Kong Rong has also occurred in the corners of the plot and took personal revenge, take this opportunity to worry about so framed Kong Rong, a letter, so not only reported revenge also begged Cao Cao. Considered the letter false accusation Kong Rong committed infidelity and filial collusion princes and other charges, Kong Rong even without trial directly captured by Cao Cao abandoned the city executed.