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J-20, typhoon, F-22, 35 meters on the same stage competitive, which fighter more advantages?

Military 2018-02-12 17:06:28 7

For a country, military strength is indispensable. Only when it possesses strong military capabilities can it enhance its international status so that it can not be bullied by other countries. If we want to perfect the military system, we must comprehensively improve it from many aspects. Whether the Air Force or the Army, or the Navy, these aspects must be fully balanced. And so far, in the Air Force, China has developed a J-20, equipped with high-tech technology, with unbelievably stealth capabilities.

In addition to China launched the F-20, the fighters in other countries are extraordinary. If these fighters on the same stage than the United States, people will be more optimistic about which fighter it? China Jian-20 Needless to say, both with stealth performance, but also has a strong mobility. The overall design point of view, whether it is layout or shape, are using the most unique manufacturing.

In addition to China, European countries naturally have their own babies, of which the typhoon fighter is a fighter plane jointly made by four countries in West Germany. But this is only a fourth-generation semi-fighter, although the performance is not comparable to Chinese fighters, but has reached 2495 kilometers per hour speed. This aircraft as early as 2003 has been put into use, it can be said is an old fighter.

And if you talk about fighters, it must mention the United States F-22. This is a set of all kinds of performance in one fighter, is the world's most powerful stealth fighter, even the Chinese F-20 in front of it also must admit defeat. The United States has always been at the forefront of science and technology in the military. It is surprising that the United States always keeps introducing new types of fighters.

In my opinion, there is also a country's fighters also have to mention that it is the Russian MiG-35 fighters. Russia is also a fighting nation, and in terms of designing fighters, it should be about the same as China. If these fighters on the same stage than the United States, I am afraid that the result is not good to say.