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Gudong App for new Apple ARKit blessing 3D movement route

Digital 2018-02-12 12:04:13 61

Spring Festival approaching, the most celebrated Spring Festival Gala evening has entered the countdown stage, this year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala will use holographic imaging and other cutting-edge technology to create aesthetic shocking, magical dream performance mood and stage space. In the eve of the Spring Festival, the nation's largest social platform boom also relies on cutting-edge technology for the spring dress, complete Gudong App products and then upgrade, added exercise route AR playback capabilities, while Apple Watch added skiing mode, through the new Technology upgrades give users a more cool experience, comparable to the Spring Festival Gala fascinating effect.

Motion route AR playback immersive visual impact

Recently, Apple held a new conference, and Google is still around the old routine "AI First" is different, Apple chose the user experience is closely related to the AR as a breakthrough point and said iPhone X is "the first truly AR In the upcoming release, Apple added the AR (Augmented Reality) feature, which is available as long as your iPhone is operating on an iPhone 6s and above, and your operating system is upgraded to iOS 11.

Keep pace with the times, follow the trend, relying on ARKit technology, Gudong latest V8.12.1 version on the line, but also added the AR function, the user's trajectory with AR playback display, whether it is marathon, hiking, mountaineering or Ride, open the gurgle, anywhere can become a user's three-dimensional "theater", bringing the immersive visual impact.

Open Gudong App into the track details page, enter to view the AR track mode, by clicking the screen, you can place the AR map, mobile phone, with the distance, the user is feeling more shocking AR effect.

Tribute to the Winter Olympics Apple Watch new ski sport mode

PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 has been kicked off, the Olympic Winter Games, skiing, sleds, skating, figure skating, curling, including the five major items, the skiing because of its special events and equipment and difficult techniques The action applause is numerous, and the Gudong App also added the Apple Watch skiing mode during this ski season to provide ski lovers with a more fun skiing experience and the excitement of skiing. Apple Watch new ski mode can be real-time detection of the user's movement status, the distinction between resting and dynamic taxiing, to provide accurate information and records. You can also transfer data to Gudong phone client, through the AR track mode to see your exciting moments. If your wrist just wearing Apple Watch 3, you can immediately open the Gudong App, to stimulate a fun skiing experience.

As an advocate and forerunner of intelligent sports, Gudong has always insisted on giving users the experience of making sports more enjoyable. It can be said, Gudong on the Apple Watch Series 2 on the use of a big step, because with the GPS, the track visible immediately, exercise intensity intuitive, controllable, greatly facilitate the user to regulate the quality of the movement and control. Blessing 3D motion routes to customer service and experience as the core, and strive to break through and innovation. The year has passed, regardless of friends and relatives to play to the area, or to a sweaty running exercise, or in front of friends and relatives to a stunning ski feast, Gorgeous boom AR playback or Apple Watch ski mode will be Accompany you to spend a more exciting New Year.