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Plastic surgery or change? Idol trainee Wang Cun Wang Kun Xu network questioned? Who is behind the scenes

Entertainment 2018-02-12 12:10:02 314

Hey ~ I'm your sister Mei ah ah

Seriously read the four "idol trainees", Pa Mei sister I pick on the Cai Xu Kun how to do!

I'm afraid you also said I spicy chicken ah! ! ! ! !

But I think he is really good Wow ~ ~ do not blow is not black, Pa Mei children to seriously read the "idol trainees" theme song mv, only Cai Xu Kun action the most standard </ strong> Most comfortable </ strong>

Do not know is not C-bit lens more reasons, but he jumped up and laughter is really quite like passers-by, especially the body's temperament and distribution of the charm really belong to this stage, and comes with a typhoon ~ really can play Very

As long as no longer wear fishing nets! Do not wear fishing net! Do not! wear! fish! network!

To be honest, there is something wrong with my sister ... Anyone who picks up someone and wants to go and pull him down. The result is that he is holding the thigh of a TFboys </ strong> and Cosmetic this code </ strong> thing

Can look down the whole four, Cai Xu Kun himself did not mention TFboys a word! Say he hug thighs are all you! you guys! you guys! (Oh ~ I also include the former unknown truth I)

But when it comes to cosmetic surgery Pa Mei sister really want to take a good break with you ~

To tell the truth Pa Mei sister I think Cai Xu Kun really did not make the whole </ strong>

All say female big eighteen change, male big change of course! Although reluctantly, but Pa Mei sister or to come up with my favorite Yi Yi Qian Xi said something ~ storm growth experience who have not had ah

Looking back, Cai Xu Kun's growth is roughly divided into four stages </ strong>

Stage 1: Childhood Until Before Star Trek Asia </ strong>

Stage Two: Starcraft Asia Season One and Season Two (2015.07 to 2016.05) </ strong>

Stage Three: Typing (2016.05 to 2017.11) </ strong>

Stage Four: Idol Trainee (2017.11 至 2018.02) </ strong>

Pa Mei sister I will try every note in the age of each icon, the age of Cai Xu Kun birthday on August 2 as the limit ...

Stage 1: Childhood Until Before Star Trek Asia </ strong>

Capturing a wild milk Kun, about the look of three-year-old ... really cute lost! ! !

About 14 years old also played He Jiong childhood ... ... even if I have all praised people it ~ ~

When the age of 15, the nose of the nose has been quite Tingdiao, lips toot is also very cute ~ way to lament his lashes so long ah

16-year-old American study period, sincere ~ Tsai Xu-kun at this time the chin has been very sharp, facial features also knock exquisite!

You say a 16-year-old child can plastic surgery it? ? ? High nose, little face, pointed chin, and not much difference now? ? ?

Ok, let's talk about Stage Two: Star Trek Asia's first season </ strong>

Star Motion Asia broadcast time is from July to October, count the recording time with the latter period, then Cai Xu-kun which should be 16-year-old tail, fast 17 look ...

Because the stars in Asia trainees are superficial training, only when the appraisal will be on the makeup, so pass him cosmetic figure out of this period. </ strong>

Indeed, the plaintiff exposed a lot of problems, such as eye atheism, mouth lipped, missing teeth </ strong>

But after he came to power is a mediocre look ... ... the forehead stage photo exposure, we can see that this will still be based on makeup, dynamic state of the mouth convex and the problem is not obvious

This time Cai Xukun do not love to laugh, and because of small age black skin, slightly humpbacked, to the second quarter of the star moving Asia, and the first quarter also only about six months or so, Cai Xu Kun is 17 years old

This picture looks really milk it

After the first quarter they have been training in South Korea, but this time there is still a problem with the </ strong>, so the plastic surgery is not self-defeating, but the makeup already has A little bit of feel now

Although the appearance of little change, but I have to say, this time Cai Xu Kun's stage performance really has the ability to shine ~ Make-up highlights the facial advantages, learn expression management, talent skills to strengthen < strong> ...

Sauce ~ After the game is over the success of the Phase III: Styling </ strong>

Nothing to say during this period, casually posted a few pictures, we all feel ~

16.6.18 17-year-old face still a little meat

17.1.13 18 years old, a lot thinner, and now he basically no difference on the stage

17.7.2 Tooth has also become neatly corrected

It can be seen Cai Xun Kun this year a lot of mature, but also manage the image, pay attention to the posture and facial expressions in these areas.

Today's Stage 4: Idol Trainees </ strong> ~

Everybody changes in the growth period, and we are no exception.

Tsai Hsu-kun's 13 to 20 years old, I think his change can be explained by Body posture + Orthodontics + Makeup + Dai Mi Tong </ strong>

After all, his facial features and image data compared to see nothing too much change

Of course, with a few pictures alone to determine the plastic surgery is not too arbitrary, Sister Mei is not a professional plastic surgery doctor, but if you really want to know about a boy, then ask your B station to search his cut observation Okay

Although I'm not embarrassed to love X Arts plagiarism, but I still bent on the pick here on the players ... Crazy call! ! ! ! !