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Li Ning stunning debut in New York Fashion Week, from how much to see the current trend of the hottest sneakers?

Design 2018-02-12 11:21:59 124

Li Ning debuted in the New York Fashion Week on the morning of February 7 and showed off its 2018 Fall Collection, which is also part of the new Lynx China Day. The theme of Li Ning's product line this time is "Past and Future, Man and Nature."

Li Ning posted on the T stage several sports shoes, including many of today's popular "Daddy shoes" consistent with the sports shoes. A variety of sports shoes using a thick exterior design - similar to the Yeezy Wave Runner 700 and Desert Rat 500, New Balance 990 and Balenciaga Triple S.

In addition to Daddy Shoes, Li Ning also shows the current trend of "socks shoes" (such as Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer) - Wade Essence II, this shoe can now be 115 on AliExpress 115 The price of the dollar to buy.

It is worth mentioning that, Li Ning show shoes throughout the show almost all used eye-catching colors, with bold colors with white midsole, and some are using neutral colors and eye-catching silver hue, Others are using the same paragraph different color solid color design release.

Let's take a look at Li Ning sneakers in New York Fashion Week stunning debut:

Li Ning 2018 Fall Series A shoe upper with exaggerated strap sock shoes.

Red socks with the same paragraph shoes.

Li Ning 2018 autumn series all white dad shoes.

A neutral color heavy sneakers

Li Ning 2018 autumn series orange yellow dad shoes.

A black, orange, yellow, white and thick sneakers.

Another from Li Ning's "bulky" dad shoes.

The Fall of 2018 Li Ning Way of Wade, Li Ning Brand designed specifically for the NBA star Devin • Wade.

Li Ning debut at New York Fashion Week, a Daddy shoes.

(Compile / Hugo Wang Kang Jie Wei)